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Daily Quests: Suggested Additions for newer players

Discussion in 'Release 63 Feedback' started by Diego Mas, Mar 17, 2019.

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    I like the daily quests. Love notes is a good addition and arcane catalysts are good addition to daily wood collection and searching for cabalist hoods. The mechanic is good.

    What we need are daily quests to support newer lower level players as well. I remember low to mid levels when I could not find guildies online to team with. The repeatable quest at the time, elven wine bottle turn in was one of my favorites, in Blood River Outskirts. (I still consider this one of the more beautiful well designed scenes in the game). Now it can be completed only once.

    It would be great if this quest could be turned into a daily. With a chance to get the special glow to perpetuate through all scenes for the day.

    This would be a method to help newer players and get longer term players back to the low tiers where they may meet newer players and foster interaction into learning more complex issues.

    One modification to the quest should be to turn in several bottles at once, either half case or case of wine bottles (6/12).
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