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Deco Loading Queues

Discussion in 'Release 69 Feedback Forum' started by Bedawyn, Sep 16, 2019.

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    I'd rather put this under Wishlist, but that forum specifically says not to comment on existing features. :-( So even though that's the logical place to discuss improving existing features...

    Currently, interior house decorations do not load until you step onto the lot. That's fine for most lots -- you don't want to waste time loading all your neighbor's furniture, after all. However, I'd suggest that for lots where you have perms, interior decorations should start loading at the same time as exterior ones. The characters tend to move faster than the decos load, and this would help the lots you're most likely to care about be ready when you get to the door.

    Exterior lot decos currently load when you get within a certain range of them. (No idea what that range is, Chris has just described it as "nearby" or "close"). This makes sense for small objects. However, it's a real problem for large objects that you ought to see from a distance. Again, characters move fast. So here you are moving across a newly discovered town, heading for what looks like the only large structure around -- and suddenly you're brought up short, running facefirst into a wall that you should have been able to see from a half-mile away but that didn't load until you broke your nose on it. Then you look around -- and the area is suddenly completely, vastly different than it looked a moment ago, and the path between where you are and where you were heading has vanished, with a dozen fences and other structures now blocking the way and creating a maze you have to find your way through.

    Fences, walls, sheds and tower deco, greenhouses -- oh my god, greenhouses -- trees, streetlamps (and possibly all exterior lighting), wagons -- anything over a certain size or "impact level" -- please, please make these load BEFORE the smaller exterior deco, in a separate queue that triggers from farther away. Maybe you already have something like this for the really really big things, but there are lot more items that are big enough you ought to be able to see them from a reasonable distance instead of waiting until you're right next door (especially when you're moving fast). This change would make navigation (and shopping) in towns a whole lot easier and improve general quality of life.
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