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    1. Title: Desolate Hills missing wall piece behind giant statue but you can still walk up it.
    2. Reproduction Rate: 100%
    3. Blocker: No
    4. Details: On wall behind the giant statue located here: Area: Desolate Hills (Novia_R1_Hills01_01) Loc: (-145.5, 64.0, -118.3), there is a broken wall that apparently there should still be pieces of it there or nothing maybe an you can jump from one spot to another but instead you go there an can walk between the seen wall part so there is a good bit of invisible area you can walk in making it look like your floating standing there.
    5. Steps to Reproduce: Go to location: Area: Desolate Hills (Novia_R1_Hills01_01) Loc: (-145.5, 64.0, -118.3), once there you should be at exact spot of invisible wall to walk on, you may even be able to straight jump on that location from right in front of it (on ground).
    6. User Specs: SotA.QA.Win.64.672.Date.04.24.18
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.