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Despair dungeon serious feedback

Discussion in 'Release 69 Feedback Forum' started by Antrax Artek, Sep 20, 2019.

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    This feedback does not absolutely want to denigrate the work of the devs but to give hints to improve the situation of the new dungeon that does not seem to have attracted a large number of visitors despite the great commitment of the developers.

    Having visited the area several times, alone and with my guild it is easy to realize some fundamental problems:

    -The dungeon is forced private mode: This means that in addition to being forced to give up the experience bonus, it prevents players from going there and finding a group ready to welcome them, seeing the other players is important for many and in all honesty I don't understand why making an area of the genre private.

    -Drain focus effect from zombies: Makes any kind of gameplay almost impossible, as these creatures infest the dungeon in a few minutes anyone finds himself without focus, unable to play. This really takes away any kind of fun, there have been episodes of ragequit from the instance for this specific reason and I don't blame them.

    -Zombies Speed: The speed at which the zombies move, as well as being ugly to see as it makes everything fastforwarding like, it becomes a problem in terms of gameplay, it is impossible to sow them, and you are forced to have to kill them uninterruptedly throughout the itinerary to preserve the focus that goes down to every hit received.

    -Dragons room: The first visit here was pleasant, I expect a sort of dragon control point, it would have been a great and fun challenge, unfortunately on my second visit the room was full of ghost scorpions, immune to death magic and with an unbelievable respawn rate, this room too has become boring, frustrating and not viable.

    Now I understand that the dungeon should be difficult and challenging, but I think this must be achieved through other methods, making it frustrating, boring, tedious does not make it all fun but rather it simply helps to keep players away from a new area that has required so much effort from the team.

    I really like the concept, i love challenging contents but the current situation is really repellent for new, old, solo and group players.

    PS: Shouldn't be also barbarians there?

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