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Discarded email dates

Discussion in 'Release 55 Feedback' started by Titania Xylia, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. Titania Xylia

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    I am parsing these files for players and it's not possible given the current information in the email, which date format is being used at any given time. I assume this is due to localization.

    So far, I've encountered three different formats:

    03/06/2018 18:46 (local time) - DD/MM/YYYY
    04-07-2018 11:41 - DD/MM/YYYY
    7/4/2018 10:50 AM (local time) - d/m/YYYY

    Any of these formats is acceptable. However, alternating the date and month positions between formats puts me in a position where I have to guess which field is the day or month. The format can't always be determined reliably in all cases.

    Can you normalize the dates across localities?
    Can you embed the given format option in the email?

    Either of these options should make it possible to avoid this problem.

    We've had an awesome number of contributors to https://shroudoftheavatar.net/sota-vendor-management-update and this is the final piece to be put in place, so that anyone can contribute and have their data read accurately.

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