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Do Rangers Need Lock-On?

Discussion in 'Release 10 Feedback' started by twobells, Sep 26, 2014.


Do Rangers need Lock-On?

Poll closed Apr 26, 2015.
  1. Yes

  2. Lock On? Never!

  3. Yes, but only for Archers and Mages

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  1. twobells

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    The player already 'marks' the target but and this is what's important; he doesn't LOCK-ON to the target, currently the 'marking' is irrespective of the gamers facing position in reference to the enemy. I think we most definitely need to lock-on to the enemy because it is obvious to all that not only are bows and other ranged objects at a real power disadvantage but also failing to keep the combat flow going for those employing ranged weapons and we all know just how important combat flow is to whether a game's successful or not. Tbh, I think there is scope for melee lock-on as well. While the player can target his enemy the flow of combat is reduced dramatically by how the player is positioned in reference to his target, the current combat system allows for a very messy event, the player needs to be able to keep his enemy in sight at all times and the only clean way to do that is by employing combat lock on.

    Anyway, there's the poll, let us know your feelings on the issue.
  2. KuBaTRiZeS

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    I feel that being able to follow your opponent with your sight is a valuable aspect of the combat system. With rangers you'll need keep distance so melees doesn't start dancing around you and you can keep them on sight. I recognize it's a major issue for rangeds... but melees also need to keep turning and twisting so they don't get hit in the back.

    It could be a bit messy... but it's just matter of get the hang of it. Didn't play ranged still, though! probably tomorrow i'll have proven experience.

    Happy R10!
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