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Dog Talking to Himself

Discussion in 'Release 43 Dev+ Bug Forum' started by Datendrache2, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Title: Dog Talking to Himself

    Reproduction Rate: 100%

    Blocker? (Yes/No/Partial) No

    Details: In a “Dog” Wandering Encounter, Dogs will say “WOOF!” as the avatar gets close and attack, but the chat window says the dog is talking to itself instead of to the Avatar.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    a. Area: Plains Road Encounter (RandomEncounter_Plains01_Road/Sheep_Tier2) Loc: (-42.1, 35.3, 17.6)

    b. Get close to a dog and let it attack you

    c. Observe in Chat Window:

    Herding Dog: (Talking to himself) WOOF!

    d. Note: You could take this a few different ways, for example: Himself could be Itself, or the fact that it’s not talking to the Avatar, or it could be talking to local.

    Note: Screenshot shows the text, otherwise not a lot to see here.


    User Specs:

    Ryzen 1600 w/Geforce 970, Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, SotA QA Win 64 Release 521.

    Bug Category: Encounter / NPC
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.