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    Duanor [pronounced Doo-ah-nor] is (currently) a Crossroads Village located just outside of Noreach - which makes it extremely easy to get to via any cross-continent galleon. Our biome is the 'mountain' biome - which makes Duanor look quite different from many of the POT templates out there.

    Our town has numerous "settlements" which are scattered around Duanor, yet all are reachable using numerous street signposts. What makes us a bit unique is that our 'settlements' or 'enclaves' cater to various deco styles which are available in the game. (You could say we have an active 'homowner's association'!)

    Watchaven, a 'human' settlement, contains homes/buildings which are in the Western European theme common to places like Owl's Head.

    Dynolva, an 'elven' settlement, is based on the elven style homes.

    Minamoto enclave is based on the oriental style homes. (We have several who have migrated from Ardoris.)

    Zaghuzg Enclave is based on the Kobold style homes.

    And lastly, Cuthaun is where those with an Obsidian bent may live.

    New players are more than welcome, but I would request that you use the foregoing as a guide regarding which area you wish to live in. Remember, all are a street-sign away from NPCs, devotionals, and shrines. (And I love working with players to find that 'just right' spot.)

    While still small, we have a fully outfitted crafting pavilion which contains all expert tables, with NPCs just a few steps away (banker, deco merchant, crafting merchant, magic merchant, combat merchant, and cooking merchant). We have a Fishing Gazebo with a banker, fishing merchant, and the two fishing devotionals.

    The remaining devotionals are located in the Field of the Ancient Ones (which also contains dungeon teleporters and shrines). [I cannot yet put up all of the devotionals - but by the end of this year I hope to have all of them. We currently have 5 - Humility, Spirituality, Love, Honor, and Honesty.] In the meantime, we have a 'fast travel' wagon which goes to a town which has all devotionals and shrines. We also have a balloon which points to Resolute, NPC town teleporters which point to Owl's Head, Ardoris, and Spite, and a hatch which leads to the POT of Ironhall (governed by @Thoryk Omara)

    For those who roleplay, we have a newly renovated Tavern in Watchaven (and Tea Shop in Minamoto Enclave) which you might find quite useful. Additionally, the "Elven Community Center" in the Dynolva 'subdivision' is almost finished! (Most of our current inhabitants are adventurers, but we've been known to roleplay on occasion)

    Come and take a look! Should you wish to settle in this beautiful biome, please message Raven Swiftbow.


    Heh - I've had to edit this a couple of times to reflect additional NPCs which have been placed and so forth. Sorry! But I will keep this post up to date. :)
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