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Earth inconsistent strength bonus damage

Discussion in 'Release 63 QA Feedback' started by Antrax Artek, Feb 25, 2019.

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  1. Antrax Artek

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    Given the average hp of the players and the damage capacity of other trees, is there a chance to reconsider the old nerf to the str damage of the earth tree?

    20 points of str just give +1 damage to earth skills compared to 20 points of int that give something like +4 damage, in this way earth mages are forced to boost their int rather than str (that should be their main stat).

    At the moment i find earth magic too weakened, earth tree costs something like double xp points than ice, there are no special effects like slow on fist and arrow, the tree has no awesome heals and pet (like soothing and water elemental), has inconsistent control and slow charging even with specialization but at the same time the damage is subpar ice tree.

    It would be great if there was a change that makes this tree unique and gives meaning to it, like the real advantage of using strength.

    Also the tooltip says that stone arrow can ignore the armor of enemies but every magic school can do it, I find this very confusing for new players who really think they have a special advantage of choosing earth compared to ice.


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  2. kaeshiva

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    As an earth specialist I've never seen any evidence of this "armor ignoring" feature compared to using other elements.
    You're right, we don't get the resistance stripping of fire or the slows/utility of ice, and additional strength is as you say, negligible.
    I don't have a problem with Int doing more, but Strength should do...something more than its doing.
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  3. Mangar

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    Ahh please already, Atos since your Business dealing are now at their final -- Please for the love of god put your efforts in fixing some of these ridicules earth problems.

    1. The Dmg gain form Strength should be on Par with intellect.
    2. Stone Fist - should at some point have a chance to stun, I mean just imagine getting hit in the face by a STONE FIST - Hello!
    3. Root - Spell is Absolutely USELESS in current state (When u can Spacebar our of it with out any negative, it's a waste)
    4. Stone Arrow - This is fine, but if Str dmg was inc. it would be nice to see it do an extra 10 -15% more dmg since it's all it does.
    5. Sympathy of Stone - this is one is done badly, why Max Dmg Resistance & Avoidance. Avoidance makes NO sense, it should be Physical & Elemental resistance.
    6. Shield of Crystal - this one is silly too, how are u getting avoidance with all these shards of stone/crystal encircling you, it should be Resistance Physical & Elemental.
    7. Earthquake - Specialization should decrease casting time so that 120 Spec can bring it to 1.2 or at least 1.3 secs, ALSO what is my percentage to knockdown (please with this hidden stat crap)
    8. Earth's Embrace - Should also Add Elemental Resistance.
    9. Bulwark of Earth - 2.6 Dmg resistance at 110 skill lv. Specialization should 3x this.
    10. Summon Earth Elemental - Not bad after recent changes BUT Earth ele is all about brute Str and tanking one would think, so at least 2x the HP. And why don't the HP increase anymore when buffed with Strength buff..?? wtf
    11. Torpor - One of the biggest FAILS here. It's overall functionality is Useless
    a. Specialization at 100 should make casting time 1.5 Secs at most.
    b. The time the buff lasts should be x3 with Speced at 100.
    c. Additional Dmg Resistance should be given together with Str when Speced.
    d. The healing factor is useless unless it's at least x3 .

    I have over 1,500 points in Earth so I tried it a bit, I guess I know a thing or 2 about it.
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