Echoes from the Caverns is growing!

Discussion in 'Recurring Events' started by Asclepius, Nov 22, 2019.

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    Hail Avatars! Echoes from the Caverns, the audio news summary of the week's events in Shroud, is growing and diversifying.

    We are returning to what it used to be - a true Community Hour. The news as usual, followed by stories, poems etc generated by our own awesome community. Starting small with three stories this week, including one BRAND NEW story, still under development!

    The plan is to refresh and augment the stories and poems each week, interspersed with community music. The whole package will air on Virtue Radio (Avatars Radio on your Aether device, or on your browser) on SATURDAYS at 9 AM and 8 PM CST, repeating on WEDNESDAY at 3 PM, also CST.

    As I am fairly new to the back end intricacies of the broadcast software - what could possibly go wrong???? Tune in and see :rolleyes::D