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Edelmann pledge missing rewards

Discussion in 'Release 29 Bug Forum' started by kazafk, May 26, 2016.

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  1. kazafk

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    ive been pledging Edelmann at May 19th 2016 and when i claimed my rewards at the bank, i didnt get my village tax free lot, tax-free vendor and a lot of other items that come with it from lower pledges and some from Edelmann. So i wrote to support. Evening of 25th i claimed rewards again and the village tax free lot came trough, but none of the other stuff (vendor etc).

    This morning i had a reply from FireLotus at support regarding my mail from last week, asking me, to post my case on the r29 bug-forums into this subforum here, to get a dev aware of it, so i can redirect the post to support then or get stuff solved directly. So here i am, posting it.

    I think eventually the issue will get sorted by itself maybe, when rel30 goes alive and i then will try to claim again today in the afternoon.

    Thanks for looking into my issue and having fixed the missing lot deed already.

  2. Lussier1978

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    I recently installed Sota and I have the Edelmann Pledge package and after claiming rewards in game I noticed I have quite a few rewards missing.
    I do understand that I would not receive duplicate rewards but I have many tiers completely missing from my rewards.

    *All Houses and Basements - missing*

    Edelmann Tier

    tax free village deed - received
    Vendor - received
    Brew Beer - received
    Deutsche Doggie - received
    Birdbath - received
    Benefactor Plaque - received
    Edelmann Title - MISSING *
    150 bank slot - received

    Citizen Tier

    Wind Power decoration - MISSING *
    Piano - MISSING *
    Reagent Plant - MISSING *
    Citizen Title - MISSING *

    Developer Tier

    Design PDF Documents - MISSING *
    Tinkerer House Decoration - MISSING *
    Wireless Device - MISSING *
    Tinkerer Title - MISSING *

    Navigator Tier

    Novia Map Atlas - MISSING *
    Phonograph - MISSING *
    Navigator Title - MISSING *

    Ancestor Tier

    Ancestor's Cloak - received
    Ancestor's Title - received

    Patron Tier

    Doomsday Book - MISSING *
    Doomsday book Certificate - MISSING *
    All 3 non combat pets - MISSING * (only received 1/3)*
    Fyndoro's table of finding - MISSING *
    Magical Printing Press - MISSING *
    Patron Title - MISSING *

    Collector Tier

    Curator Title - MISSING *

    Explorer Tier

    Cartographer Title - received

    Virtual Collector Tier

    Puzzle Box - MISSING *
    Runic Translation - MISSING *
    PDF Art Book - MISSING *
    Soundtrack Download - MISSING *
    Lolo's Lute - MISSING *
    Archivist Title - MISSING *

    Royal Artisan Tier

    Indestructible artisan tool - received
    Artisans box of plenty - received
    Supply Cache - received
    Artisan Title - received

    Founder Tier

    Pilgrim Title - received
    Benefactor Tunic - received

    Immortal Adventurer Tier

    Benefactor Cloak - MISSING *
    Benefactor Vanduul Polearm - MISSING *
    Immortality Fruit - MISSING *
    Ankh of Virtue necklace - MISSING *
    "Story of Mondain" - MISSING *
    Akallabeth - MISSING *
    Adventurer Title - MISSING *

    Adventurer Tier

    Replenishing snowball box - received
    Coconut horse - received
    Steampunk Hat - received
    Benefactor Title - received

    This concludes the list of received and MISSING * items.

    Thank you in advance for looking into this.
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