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*Edelmann Tier Rewards Missing*

Discussion in 'Release 29 Bug Forum' started by Lussier1978, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. Lussier1978

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    I recently installed Sota and I have the Edelmann Pledge package and after claiming rewards in game I noticed I have quite a few rewards missing.
    I do understand that I would not receive duplicate rewards but I have many tiers completely missing from my rewards.

    *All Houses and Basements - missing*

    Edelmann Tier

    tax free village deed - received
    Vendor - received
    Brew Beer - received
    Deutsche Doggie - received
    Birdbath - received
    Benefactor Plaque - received
    Edelmann Title - MISSING *
    150 bank slot - received

    Citizen Tier
    Wind Power decoration - MISSING *
    Piano - MISSING *
    Reagent Plant - MISSING *
    Citizen Title - MISSING *

    Developer Tier
    Design PDF Documents - MISSING *
    Tinkerer House Decoration - MISSING *
    Wireless Device - MISSING *
    Tinkerer Title - MISSING *

    Navigator Tier
    Novia Map Atlas - MISSING *
    Phonograph - MISSING *
    Navigator Title - MISSING *

    Ancestor Tier
    Ancestor's Cloak - received
    Ancestor's Title - received

    Patron Tier
    Doomsday Book - MISSING *
    Doomsday book Certificate - MISSING *
    All 3 non combat pets - MISSING * (only received 1/3)*
    Fyndoro's table of finding - MISSING *
    Magical Printing Press - MISSING *
    Patron Title - MISSING *

    Collector Tier

    Curator Title - MISSING *

    Explorer Tier

    Cartographer Title - received

    Virtual Collector Tier
    Puzzle Box - MISSING *
    Runic Translation - MISSING *
    PDF Art Book - MISSING *
    Soundtrack Download - MISSING *
    Lolo's Lute - MISSING *
    Archivist Title - MISSING *

    Royal Artisan Tier

    Indestructible artisan tool - received
    Artisans box of plenty - received
    Supply Cache - received
    Artisan Title - received

    Founder Tier

    Pilgrim Title - received
    Benefactor Tunic - received

    Immortal Adventurer Tier

    Benefactor Cloak - MISSING *
    Benefactor Vanduul Polearm - MISSING *
    Immortality Fruit - MISSING *
    Ankh of Virtue necklace - MISSING *
    "Story of Mondain" - MISSING *
    Akallabeth - MISSING *
    Adventurer Title - MISSING *

    Adventurer Tier

    Replenishing snowball box - received
    Coconut horse - received
    Steampunk Hat - received
    Benefactor Title - received

    This concludes the list of received and MISSING * items.

    Thank you in advance for looking into this.
  2. Sean Silverfoot

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    Hudson Valley area of NY
    Did you go to a banker and collect your rewards? I believe in the banker menu it's an option in upper right corner.
  3. Lussier1978

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    I did yes, everyday I log in I do the same process of trying to collect rewards in hope that some of the missing items are simply delayed in delivery. So far, no luck, I always get the same response that all my rewards have been collected.
  4. Superjuice

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    Did you pledge during the benefactor era? You wouldn't receive those rewards if that was the case as most of those were expired at that time. You would have received the rewards from all tiers that were active when you pledged. Those are basically exactly what I got and I pledged about a week before they expired all pledges.

    Titles should be there though, there is an option to open the title window in one of the top right UI buttons (sorry not in game at the moment).
  5. Lord Andernut

    Lord Andernut Bug Brigade - Bug Hunter

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    New Britannian Market
    @Lussier1978 You should email support@portalarium.com

    They can see your account and will be better at diagnosing than the forums. They're not infallible but they can probably eyeball the problem quicker.

    Edit - I just saw this was the bug forum, not player, but still worth emailing support.
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