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EDGE Artifacts, Rares, Houses and Gear @ 6 Locations! NOW OPEN

Discussion in 'Vendor Locations & Misc Services' started by Glantor Edge, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Providing you with Artifacts, Rare Pledge and Subscriber Rewards, House Deeds and Crafted Gear at very reasonable prices since 2015! Click on the Spoiler buttons below for screenshots and detailed instructions on how to reach our vendors located all over Novia! Find one near you TODAY!

    Main NPC Towns

    Conveniently located along the Path to the Palace of the Mountain on the Quest of Love to seek Siranto! It's literally right at the palace doorstep! Avatars can find very reasonably-priced crafted gear, potions, pets, recipes, and even the occasional rares and artifacts for sale! Simply seek the Town Crier and look for Glantor Edge, Loc: (-71, 59, -108) in Ardoris.
    SOTA Map Link

    Located right smack at the default West entrance of Central Brittany, simply turn left and you will see the legendary Ihuma's Loft! Besides finding a wide assortment of Rares, Artifacts, Decorations, Crafted Gear and COTOs for sale, YOU are warmly invited to list your wares for sale here as well! Simply mail Glantor Edge with your vendor listing request and we will add you as a "Kindred" so that you can start selling at THE epicentre of Novia! Loc: (-40, 29, -80) in Central Brittany.
    SOTA Map Link

    Ahoy matey! Find a veritable treasure trove of goodies right by the Central Brittany Docks! Chock full of rare Pledge Rewards, Decorations and Houses, perhaps you may find the perfect home for you! Simply choose the Docks Entrance, go up the slope and turn left towards the Dry Dock Longboats. Loc: (418, 36, 225) in Central Brittany.
    SOTA Map Link

    Shiver me timbers! There's a Viking Row house right up the stairs that stocks Artifacts, COTOS and other delicious booty for sale as well! Arhh!
    SOTA Map Link

    Nothing to see here, move along.
    Ok, if you insist, here's the location
    SOTA Map Link

    High Traffic POTs (in alphabetical order)

    Located right at the entrance to Britt Mart's Market square, simply head straight past the large flamin' Tiki statues and standing banners, you will see the lovely ladies on the left! They've got the best Artifacts and rare Pledge rewards at reasonable prices! In case you got distracted, simply seek the Town Crier and look for Glantor Edge, Loc: (82, 38, 116) at Britt Mart, a player owned town governed by @Tailz.

    Head straight down the main path and turn left near the end. Feel free to compare prices in this open concept town, you will be hard pressed to find Artifacts and rare Pledge rewards at lower prices! In case you got distracted, simply seek the Town Crier and look for Glantor Edge, Loc: (13, 38, 147) at Crafters Town, a player owned town governed by @Elrond.

    Located near the Devotionals cluster in Silverdale, get your daily Blessings then head on over to peruse some rare Artifacts and Pledge rewards near the twin Darkstarr Towers! Be sure to take a refreshing dip in the Lava and Ice Hot tubs! In case you got distracted, simply seek the Town Crier and look for Glantor Edge, Loc: (44, 38, 58) at Silverdale, a player owned town governed by @Xee.

    Acknowledgements (in alphabetical order):
    @CICI for helping me relocate to Central Brittany from Owl's Head (at a fair price) :D
    @Elrond for carving up a new space for me in Crafters Town
    @Tailz and @Datendrache for passing your awesome spot to me
    @Xee for carving up a new Village spot for me where 2 rows used to reside

    Last but not least, all the awesome folks in Carpe Noctem guild and friends I've made along my journey in SOTA! Let's continue to have fun and build a better world together!

    Glantor Edge
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