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Should races should have specific skill affinities or should they be only visual models?

  1. Races should have unique skills

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  2. Races should just be character models (cosmetic differences only)

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    DarkStarr recently posted a thread on some changes to tier rewards and additional stretch goals. One of the goals is a playable Elven race. As part of the race, they're considering adding affinity for certain skills. The idea would be that human players would also have different affinity.

    One of the things that's been stated all along has been that characters are classless and that they can pretty much be anything they want. The affinity system is a change to that. The current proposal would require purchasing the Elven race add-on to gain access to those affinities if a player desired.

    Personally I feel like this is a change from what we've all been expecting. I'm not against people RPing Elves or any race they like, but I don't feel those characters should not have advantages over other characters.

    So here's the question: If races are added to SotA, should races should have specific skill affinities unique to those races or should they only be a different character model (cosmetic difference)?

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    Please leave feedback for DarkStarr's megapost in that thread. Thank you.

    For Reference here is the MEGAPOST.
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