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Eternal Garlic Seed issue/bug with broken planter...

Discussion in 'Release 36 Bug Forum' started by Cage Storm, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Cage Storm

    Cage Storm Avatar

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    1. Title: Destroyed eternal garlic seed
    2. Reproduction Rate: not possible for me cos of rarity of eternal garlic seed
    3. Blocker? no
    4. Details:
    1) placed 2 planters outside my 3storey kobold row house in ardoris, one grows and can be harvested, one does nothing, so i watered it and it became broken so when I click on the planter it just ignores me.
    2) I choose remove plant in the hope it would reset the planter, but instead it just deleted my eternal garlic seed.
    1. Steps to Reproduce:
    2. User Specs:
  2. Daxxe Diggler

    Daxxe Diggler Bug Brigade - Bug Hunter

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    Virtue Oasis - Hidden Vale
    @Cage Storm - Thank you for reporting.

    Unfortunately, although there isn't much of a warning when doing this, the "remove plant" option is intended to just destroy whatever is in the pot (to make it available to plant something else) and it is NOT supposed to return a seed.

    The Release Instructions don't even mention this agriculture feature, nor describe how it works, but I've seen Dev comments before stating it is intended to just destroy the plant.

    While this technically isn't a bug, I will record it for review.

    I would suggest that you email support@portalarium.com and explain what happened. Maybe they can verify that it was destroyed and maybe they can replace it?
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2016
  3. hsmckee

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    I went a head and submitted this. Bug ID 38177.
  4. gadget

    gadget Avatar

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    Hayward, CA
    i need to add to this bug please :

    i planted two eternal garlic seeds in pots, and when i watered them using the watering skill the seeds disappeared from the pot, and when i click on the pots they just ignore me.
    i did NOT try to remove the seeds like the prior event, since i've already done that once accidentally before and am aware it will permanently destroy the eternal seeds.

    current status :
    1. 2X eternal garlic seeds missing
    2. 2 planting pots not responding