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    Event Beacon

    An object placable by the Governer of a PoT that acts as a beacon for events. Has the following characteristics;

    1) Once placed, the object can be renamed (like a pet). When activated, it adds a this custom name and location of the beacon to the Town's Direction signs. This would allow instant travel from any direction sign within the PoT, directly to the beacon's location.

    2) Can be configured (check box) to automatically switch any user of a sign that is traveling to the beacon to "Open" mode.

    3)Limitation on placement--Only placable at a lot-owners "Lot Marker" out in front of the lot, NOT inside. This would limit the usage to the same as a bind-point, and prevent potential exploits (teleporting players to "stuck" locations, for example)

    4) Toggleable "Search Beam" of light that points straight up, to inform players of the beacon's location, for those that prefer to walk through the town to the location. Currently, players are using nameplates and the party system to direct players to a location. This is tedious, moreso than telling a player "Look for the beam of light!"

    In addition, there could be an Option for "upgraded" beacons that also add the location to ALL NPC town signs, for a limited duration. For example giving directions to ANY event would be as simple as announcing "To find the party, simply go to any NPC town and use a street sign and select "Dance Party at Bob's"

    With this item, players would be able to give simple directions to events, ensure everyone was in the same mode and do so in a manner that provides some level of immersion and logic. This would also serve to inform new players of ingame events, without requiring knowledge of forums, social circles, etc.


    Thanks, Portalarium!
    Cozy Firesong
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    Lord British expressed support of having fireworks fired off in game showing up in the world map, or some form of that, not too long ago. That would help as well so people know to show up in town randomly as they go by.
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