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    If you have been disconnected from the game, you may receive one of the following error messages. These messages can help determine what action you need to take to reconnect to the game.

    User Connection Errors

    These indicate you are having networking issues unrelated to Shroud of the Avatar. Please check with your ISP or check your firewall or router settings to get yourself back online.

    - CICADA: Your connection was closed/blocked by a firewall or router or ISP.

    - IVYTOWER: Your connection was closed/blocked to one or more game services. This is caused by your firewall, router or ISP.

    - POTPIE: Connection to game service is blocked by firewall, router, or ISP.

    - SEEBREEZE: There is no internet connection at all. Either internet connection is lost, or your computer is running a antivirus program that has targeted our application.

    - JAVALINAS: Connection to our website is blocked by a firewall or router or ISP.

    Other Connection Errors

    These indicate there may be a connection issue on our end, on your end, or a combination of the two. If the solutions we suggest don’t work, please contact support@portalarium.com for help.

    - ALTAIR9000: This may be related to client performance. If you are seeing this issue and CICADA, IVYTOWER, or POTPIE, this is most likely an issue caused by your internet connection.

    - PELICAN: This may be caused by using a dialup/DSL connection or your connection is receiving significant packet loss.

    - PEACHPIT: This is related to system performance. If you have two video devices available, your system may be defaulting to the lower-powered device. You can manually configure your system to override the default when playing our game.

    - WHEAT: This normally happens when we are patching our server. You should be able to reconnect with the game within a minute.

    Non-Connection Errors

    - ROMEUS: The game client will disconnect if you are inactive for an extended period of time.

    - JACKRABBIT: Only one client may be logged into the game using the same account credentials at a time. If you try to log in the same account on another client, the former client will disconnect.

    - TOUCAN: A temporary lock was placed on your account by an administrator. Please contact support@portalarium.com for assistance.
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