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Feedback about Young Dragons

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by kaeshiva, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. kaeshiva

    kaeshiva Avatar

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    Firstly, I want to say, these are really cute and I like them.
    I was doing my usual "Corpion Patrol" in NW Blackblade and ran across these quite frequently.

    Key features:
    • They aggro from miiiiiles away and fly straight at you at super speed and can shoot fireballs - you're not getting away unless you stop and deal with it.
    • They have a couple thousand health
    • They hit pretty hard and are reasonably dangerous

    All of this is fine.
    What isn't fine?
    They are worth the same skinning XP as a 30 hp "Outskirts" wolf and drop about the same loot.

    I would expect for a mob that has more health and is, comparatively, harder than every Tier 5 skinnable mob in the game, should at least give the 1000 xp those give for skinning it, if not more.

    Lootwise, I killed a few dozen of these, and got anywhere from 1-10 serpent scales, and a single animal hide half the time. Again, tier 1 creatures that you can 1 shot give more than this.

    I suggest that these have the usual animal hide/thrombus/suet loot table that most mobs a lot easier have, and a small chance of dropping a dragon haunch. That, Or hey, even drop a "young dragon haunch" - when you cut up a big dragon haunch, you get 8 dragon meat so add a little haunch that gives 1 dragon meat ;).

    The reward from these now is pretty pitiful, which just makes them annoying nuisance mobs that basically make playing in the scene less fun than it was before since you have to stop and deal with these. They're like...annoying gnats. Make them worthwhile and I think they're a fine addition to making the scene a bit more difficult.
  2. Jason_M

    Jason_M Avatar

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    I agree with her assessment and would like to add: the young dragons, despite their dimmunitive size, seem to have some of the huge-sized creature benefits such as bodyslam immunity.
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  3. Lord Tachys al`Fahn

    Lord Tachys al`Fahn Avatar

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    Northern Illinois
    Or young dragon meat... which is part of a food item called Dragon Veal Parmigiana, that gives a small boost to Int and increases fireball damage by 25% :p
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  4. Alley Oop

    Alley Oop Bug Brigade – Bug Hunter

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    it'd be awesome if we could eat a food that would make us explode when we die. we'd still be dead, but have a good chance of taking revenge for it in the process.
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  5. Chatele

    Chatele Avatar

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    LOWER their aggro range, increase their drops with dragon haunch etc like Kaeshiva suggested . Make killing them worth it, have it drop some unique item..... Loot in this game is boring…. lackluster, noting to get excited about :(