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Feedback from new player - R69 wishlist

Discussion in 'Release 69 Feedback Forum' started by Justiciar, Sep 7, 2019.

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    I'm new to SotA. I was asked to copy a few suggestions from my post there over here. I'm assuming that now all Avatars start in Solace Outskirts.
    1. Intro materials are Iron and Maple, not Copper and Pine, so it would be best if the recipes the new player receives are from those materials.
    2. You get a quest from the blacksmith in Solace Outskirts to visit the blacksmith in Soltown but nobody points you to the Tanner/Carpenter/Tailor guy. Maybe have the blacksmith say that the guy next door can teach you about crafting leather and cloth items?
    3. It would be nice to add the startup tip "All raw material recipes are identical, apart from the raw material itself, so Copper recipes are just like Iron recipes but yield Copper items instead."
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