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'fetch' command for backpacks and containers

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by Ancev, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Ancev

    Ancev Bug Brigade – Bug Hunter

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    Any thoughts on having a command when you right click on a container inside of your player inventory that allows you to fetch items from your main inventory? or would this create possible dupe exploits?

    an example:

    I put my reagents and food inside of a backpack which I carry around in my main inventory. This is less confusing because there's only 8-10 items in the bag instead of looking through my main inventory which is a mess. When I buy reagents or food from an NPC or player vendor, the items are dumped into my main inventory and I have to search for them and put them into said backpack.

    I was thinking it might be convenient to have a 'fetch' command when I right click on my backpack, and the item types that are inside of my bag would be pulled from my main inventory and auto-stacked into the backpack. (or other storage container)
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  2. Hermetic

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    When you buy items they are all selected in your inventory so it is easy to move all the items you just bought, and only the items you just bought, to another location like a backpack with one quick drag.

    I like using a backpack to keep items like this separate from loot etc. What I wish was possible would be to keep these items, like reagents, safe from being sold or deleted.
    The 'locking to the inventory' option isn't good for this as then you can't use those items.

    My suggestion would be to make it so you can lock a backpack, or other container, to your inventory and any items within would be usable - like reagents in spells etc. - but
    by being in a locked bag they wouldn't show up in the list of things to be sold at merchants. Actually I think all nested containers in ones inventory acted like this without
    locking. i.e. one has to open all containers that one wants to sell items from. And one could probably make it easier to implement the feature you were interested in: If one
    has a nested container open while at a merchant then any bought items should go there instead of ones main inventory. If one has multiple containers open maybe one could
    choose one as the default location for items to move to when bought; like the way one can choose a default download folder when downloading items with a particular browser.