Fireworks, Giveaways, and Fun! July 5th

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    Independence Weekend Fireworks Show!

    Come avatars for a grand celebration!

    Join us July 5th starting at 1pm CT in Krabnevir for fireworks, games, fun and giveaways!

    Free sparklers and wine for all that attend! Simply find Emmory Watsyn or Althaea Hanalli near the docks in town and open trade.

    The event will be being streamed for all by Fzol on Fizzle Factor via Twitch. So, be sure to find him and steal some camera time! Special guest appearance by Elvis!

    We’ll be doing random giveaways throughout, both in game and twitch!

    Krabnevir is located on the world map, south of Sanctus Spine and west of Nightshade Pass.

    Please note the event is Sunday July 5th, intentionally the day after Independence Day, so those with RW celebrations on the 4th can still attend.

    More information to follow!

    As many are aware, Krabnevir’s majority population is made up of dedicated Daring Adventurers. Have no fear though! Krabnevir is not flagged pvp and while pvp is always welcome and even encouraged, it is not the main focus of this event.
    An after-hours fireworks show will take place in The Fall later in the evening for all those experienced, and novice Daring Adventures willing to take the plunge.

    See you there!

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    Cool! I'll get it in the update :)
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