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[Fixed 64861] Esmarelda (Highvale Outskirts) quest breaks (multiple)

Discussion in '*** Bug Report Archive (After R75) ***' started by Amariithynar, May 7, 2019.

  1. Amariithynar

    Amariithynar Avatar

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    05/07/2019 12:15
    Reproduction Rate: 100%
    Blocker? Maybe?
    Details / Steps to Reproduce: Find the Chapel Looking-Glass and get the quest notification to find someone to tell about it before speaking to Esmeralda. Ignore the prompt and double-click on the Looking-Glass and you can use it (even though you haven't completed the quest chain to the point that you are supposed to be able to). At this point you can use any but the floor Looking-Glasses to teleport around, and find the Ghostly Echoes. On finding them this way, they seem to think that you're on the quest step to interact with them, and will begin doing their lines, with the final one being interactable and earning the Ghostly Echo Essence and finding out the truth of the situation well before you've even got the quest step to collect the first Frostgeist skull. You can then go talk to Esmeralda and progress the quest as normal, but the added dialogue option to inform her of the truth of the matter will break the quest chain until at minimum you relog, as if you go get her a skull and come back she gives her standard dialogue when you use the Frostgeist keyword to attempt to give her the skull. This also works like this if you have the skull and speak with her to go to hand it in, but then select the dialogue option to tell her about the truth of the matter instead of simply handing her the skull. I did not test if it will also occur with any other quest steps, because I wanted to actually get it done and didn't want to risk a permanent lock-up. All in all, this quest chain is very buggy and prone to breaking, or at least allowing for unintended actions to occur, at multiple points.

    Credit goes out to Apsu for trying to walk me through recovery steps to ensure it was blocked, until we arrived at relogging to try to resolve, because of the specific issue of her not reacting to the keyword to accept the skull properly.
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  2. Sannio

    Sannio Lead Quest and Level Designer Moderator SOTA Developer

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    Thanks for the report! Issue #64861