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[fixed but...] problem applying new small patches, launcher insists on latest big one :(

Discussion in 'Release 71 Feedback' started by Gussak, Nov 6, 2019.

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    [fixed: restored a backup, tried to patch again, lost everything again (patcher cleanup bug?), restored backup again, patched again now with extreme caution, finally is working again...]

    I have already the files below at: ~/.SotA.GameTMP/Downloads
    that I downloaded using links from: patchserver.shroudoftheavatar.com/sotalive/torrents/SotATorrentFeed.xml
    but the launcher/patcher insists on downloading: StandaloneLinuxUniversal_0_1068.sotapatch
    that has several GB!

    and why it wants 1068 if there is already 1070?
    I think it is missing some control file saying what is the current version, that I should have backuped, could someone tell me where is that file, it's name and it's contents? thx!

    Edit: mmm... in some way the folder ".SotA.StandaloneLinuxUniversalPatcher/Shroud of the Avatar_Data/" containing all data got deleted, good I had a backup, restoring now...

    Edit: there is something extremelly wrong with the launcher/patcher. 1st, it respawns it-self leaving behind an opened launcher in a "cleanup" state. 2nd, my machine suddenly reboot and I completely lost that big folder again! retrying from my backup v1051 ... but now I wont let it respawn itself after each update... (I will actually kill and restart it manually) :(

    Edit: it is weird... the patcher downloaded StandaloneLinuxUniversal_1051_1052.sotapatch and deleted StandaloneLinuxUniversal_1057_1059.sotapatch! why? I had already lost StandaloneLinuxUniversal_1067_1068.sotapatch on previous run... I think the cleanup step is broken is some way and destroying the game data path: ".SotA.StandaloneLinuxUniversalPatcher/Shroud of the Avatar_Data/"

    Edit: it is quite tricky to make the launcher accepts manually downloaded torrents or previously downloaded ones. 1st - We have make a backup elsewhere or it will erase these newer (than current version) files prior to RE-downloading them (unnecessarily). 2nd - we have to let it start downloading the patch and forcefully kill the launcher, then replace that file with the fully previously downloaded one.
    If the launcher could just accept whatever is there on the download folder it would be much easier... just check the files with sha1sum :(

    Edit: even closing/forceClosing the launcher window, I have to force kill the process or it stays there and may create inconsistencies: pkill -fe -SIGKILL "Shroud of the Avatar - Launcher.x86_64"

    Edit: these files vanished too I had to recover from backup: Shroud of the Avatar.x86_64 Shroud of the Avatar.x86 :(

    the patch files before recovering backup and re-patching :(
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