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Fizzling Locked Charged Glyphs - Overly Punitive

Discussion in 'Release 45 QA Feedback Forum' started by Trihugger, Aug 30, 2017.

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  1. Trihugger

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    So as it stands (or at least as it stood at 9 PM PST last night) if you fizzle the spell you have to recharge the whole thing from scratch. With it like so, I feel like the feature has much more limited mileage for heavy armor setups which is unfortunate.

    Is there a way we could make it so if you fizzle the spell you retain your stacks so long as you don't use any other abilities in the mean time? I don't want to *game* the system in any way but at the same time the consequences for fizzling the charged spell seem overly punitive and makes gear determine if you can use this feature (which goes against the precedent in place).

    I really like this feature and hope a tweak can be added to allow everyone to make full use of it instead of only certain gear-setup play styles.
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  2. Lord Ravnos

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    Central Brittany
    Maybe this is the intended price of casting "spells" wearing heavy armor? I don't use it, but don't physical attacks in heavy armor not fizzle, but are still stackable in this way? Also, the more you stack doesn't increase the fizzle chance, right?
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