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From virtue to chaos ... Meaningful decisions with varied quests ...

Discussion in 'Release 49 QA Feedback Forum' started by Paladin Michael, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Dear @DarkStarr, dear @Lord British,

    I just talked to friends about the Quests and how I appreciate the new ones, where it is more clear, that our decisions raise or lower our virtues and form our character on each path of Episode 1 ...

    Just 2 things, may be you have thought about before:

    1. For players who decide not to be virtuous it would be good to provide chaos armor instead of virtue armor.
    In future we could see, in which direction a player tends by watching the armor and banner (s)he is wearing ;)
    [And to make it interesting for crafters, too: only chaos crafters should be able to make chaos armor and weapon, and only a virtuous crafter should be able to produce armor and weapon of virtue!]

    2. For this, special quests could be given only to virtue or chaos following players ...

    And by the way: to use a special kind of magic could also lower or raise the virtue points.
    For example: to summon a daemon / evil forces ...
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