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Game crash every time.

Discussion in 'Critical Issues (Blockers, Performance, Crashes)' started by shadtek, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. shadtek

    shadtek Avatar

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    Just got the new update downloaded. Now I log in the game, take one step and the game freezes.

    So let's hear it, tell me how I need to update my pc, which was working fine yesterday....

    Out of the hundreds of programs I use on my computer, I have one (1) program that is unreliable and does not work right-the program is Shroud.
    So go ahead, tell me how it's my system and not crappy code.
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  2. Feeyo

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    Aelasar’s Forest
    This attitude dude. You really think anyone will help you with this support request?

    Have you ever thought about asking support in a nicer way?
    Have you ever thought about giving us (we that give support for FREE in OUR free time) some more information about your hardware specs, the OS you are on. And so forth..
  3. margaritte

    margaritte Bug Brigade - Bug Hunter

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    I'm getting the same. One PC is fine, performance is great. The other one, which has always been a little slow, but still usually manages between 30-40 fps is pretty much unplayable since the patch on Sunday. I freeze, I crash, I get lots of Altair disconnects and it takes me ages to load into any scene. Fingers crossed this patch today fixes it for me.
  4. Sentinel2

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    Well. Not much to go on here.

    What version of Windows, Mac or Linux are you running?

    What video card do you have?

    Drivers updated? Including video drivers?

    Is there an error code when is crashes / freezes?

    I've had updates that caused me all sorts of grief. That is until I updated my system or video drivers.

    ANY detail would help immensely for starters ;-)
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