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Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by zerothis, Feb 8, 2018.

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    As it stands now, quests are a single-player experience where multiplayer can often help. If four friends do the path of love together, each one must individually talk to each of the quest givers to start, finish, and advance each step of each quest.

    We need quests that require a minimum number of players to complete and is given only to a party of minimum size. That is, by their design, not just an artificially imposed limit. The NPCs that offer these quests would immersively stat minimum team sizes implicitly. Quick example, "Foozle will escape if you don't close all four portcullises at the same time." (in practice, there would be an appropriate window, maybe even an immersive timer indicator; perhaps foozle lets out a long scream when a portcullises closes and the others must start closing before foozle draws a breath, 5 seconds?). If a single player or small party tried to start the quest, the NPC would say something like, "I fear there are not enough of you to complete the task I have to give." The players would also discover along the way, other steps in the quest that require four players that were unknown to the NPC. Because having just one instance of minimum team size is cheap. Also someone might play the quest alone, only inviting three friends to briefly teleport in for the one moment they are required. Basically, players need to feel they may lose opportunities and experience setbacks at any time for not having the minimum team available, because it is true.

    Key steps in the quest would of course have to be instanced for the party doing them.

    As the number gets bigger, it will likely take less effort to state minimum team size and remain immersive. For example, if a commander wants 30 people to wage an attack, he can just say "I need 30 people and I don't see them yet." to the leader of a party of 29.

    I don't think there should be an actual party scale bonus for quests of minimum team size. The party already has a scaling bonus. Rather, quests of minimum team size should reward more XP than typical quests and nothing more than the normal party scale bonus applies no matter how many more players above the minimum a party is.

    Chat, trade, combat. Why should an MMO have so few activities for multiple players?
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