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Gathering & Crafting Feedback - I'm quite enjoying myself!

Discussion in 'Release 28 Feedback Forum' started by Crazy Phil, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I'm not much of a crafter usually, but every couple releases, I'll decide on one complex item I'd like to attempt to craft. Just to test the system's progress you know? It gives me some ammo for when I'm trying to convince my crafter friends to start playing. ;)

    This release I chose to craft the Wooden Phonograph!

    With about a 7% chance to craft, and after a handful of attempts, I got lucky and made one! Jackpot!! How good that feels!! Crafting gives me a similar rush to gambling in its current state. The consumables (wax, creosote, curing salt, etc.) are your chips! I did burn through quite a bit of them (especially on the catgut lute strings), but with that, I am so glad the gathering components do not get consumed on failure. Those are so valuable simply with the time it takes to gather them. Anyways, here's a few notes from my journey...

    Gathering Feedback

    Fallen Trees:
    How come fallen trees just pop out of existence? Can we maybe get the corpse "dissolve" effect on these?

    Crafting Feedback

    Equip Tool:
    This is such a wonderful addition that sure cuts down on the tedium of the earlier releases. Thank you for this.

    New Recipe Discovered:

    This is quite a cool event in the game that could really use some sort of custom feedback effect so Players will feel excited to continue populating their recipe book. I smell a new Steam achievement here. ;)

    Bulk Craft:
    Also a very welcomed addition. Thank you for this as well. :)
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