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Gawain - No Keys to open gate

Discussion in 'Offline Mode' started by Godra, Jan 26, 2019.

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    So I an on QA.WIN.64.798.1.25.19

    2. Reproduction Rate: Unknown
    3. Blocker?: Yes
    4. I started a new Offline Character on QA to test Offline, but cannot get passed Highvale Gate. Journal description says I got the amulet and keys from Gawain, but looking in the Chat window it only says Amulet. I click on keyhole for gate and says I don't have the keys. I looked in my inventory and no set of Keys. Completed all the tasks, but cannot leave fort/town because I have no key. Stuck within the town of Highvale and cannot leave.

    This was reported back in R44 too, but I think that was just Online and Attenwood responded once to a player, but never said it was completely resolved.

    6. Windows 10 Pro 64
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.