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General Feedback

Discussion in 'Release 30 Feedback Forum' started by Shadow, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Shadow

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    In the shadow of Mt. Hood.
    There are a few things that are minor, but I feel have a large impact on the overall quality of the game. It's my opinion that they also have an impact on first impressions. Not game breaking, but still relevant.

    1. Audio. One the most noticeable things to me is the audio. It plays a big part in immersion, or in breaking that immersion. When you travel from outdoor locations to indoor, and the sound doesn't change at all I notice it right a way. It may be harder to physically model it so that when doors are closed it sounds different or lowers the volume of external sound effects. Or levels of change based on if doors are open or not. But it should be fairly easy to detect when either the avatar or the camera is in an internal or external space. Other things to consider would be different variations on things like footsteps. It sounds different when you walk on snow, vs dirt, or hardwood, gravel, or marble.

    2. Text. I still see text in the UI drop letters to the next line. Even when logging out "Quit" drops the "t". Scrolls for town names seem to drop many of the last runic letters when the normal text seems to fit ok. Not a large issue, but it seems like it should be easy to figure out a scaling issue etc.

    3. Rigging. I see things like the knight marshall helm that should be a hard surface object bend and warp as you move. Some of the point aren't weighed correctly particularly in the chin area and the helm distorts. Another related idem is in character creation, when you change the eye distance (IPD), the sphere of the eye moves, but the skin around the eye not as much. This results in an unnatural look, and can make you look cross eyed.

    4. Decoration mode? Not sure how to describe this one but when on a lot, I may double click something to interact, but sometime I'll inadvertently move objects. Double clicking on the pot, rather than the plan in it to harvest. Feels somewhat awkward. Maybe I'm missing something, and there is a way to toggle the mode so I can prevent myself from accidentally moving or altering decorations.

    That's it. I'm rather excited about the upcoming changes, and polish. Can't wait for final wipe.
  2. Lained

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    Yeovil, England
    @TheMadHermit has created a Unity package that does just that, looks simple enough.

    There's a decorations lock toggle, bind it in the controls tab.