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got sick of playing alone, why there is no (lvl50+-) higher public adventuring areas with ppl?

Discussion in 'Release 71 Feedback' started by Gussak, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Gussak

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    so, on settings I enabled public mode for adventuring areas instances (not private, neither party).
    I entered several places where could have other ppl but found no one!
    Only initial town is cool, you see someone fighting somewhere and have some change against stronger mobs, but after that...

    When I finally leveled up a bit to try sieges, it forces the game mode into private!?! (didnt try party tho, I have none anyway)

    I suggest placing a number in the map window, saying how many ppl are at adventuring/combat PvE (player vs environment) areas (I dont care/like PvP btw).
  2. Violet Ronso

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    Many people will be playing in Private mode to avoid competition in scenes. What I suggest you is to either open the group finder (Alt+F by default), and join a pre-existing group doing something, or create your own group with a description of what you will be doing. I from time to time join in on some different adventuring groups that do stuff like mysterious swamp, ruined keep, or other content than UT, and it is actually quite fun to meet new people this way.
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  3. kaeshiva

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    As Violette said, most people elect to play in private mode for various reasons. The main issue is that most scenes can't really handle more than one player or a small group of players due to the spawn/respawn rates of both creatures and resources being quite slow. Playing in open mode often means running around finding nothing to do . While occasionally I'll enter in multiplayer mode to see if anyone's around, if I'm off to grind or get stuff, going in on open mode is detrimental to what I hope to achieve. In most scenes, I have to plot a pretty specific route to avoid standing around with nothing to kill / harvest / do.
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