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Heraldry Blazon Guidelines

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Serafina, Mar 29, 2018.

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    How to Submit a Blazon

    All eligible accounts will have access to the Heraldry Blazon Update Form.

    • You may upload your own artwork.
    • You may use the Blazon Builder to build an image.

    Submitting Your Own Artwork

    When evaluating blazon submissions that have been hand drawn, or made with other heraldry generators, our main intent is to try to ensure a common baseline of artistic quality, adequate image resolution, and at least some kind of style consistency across all submissions. This last part is the one that will be most challenging for us to achieve, and we ask for your help and understanding as we make those efforts to ensure a positive visual experience for all users.

    While we don't aim to be the arbiters of what the user wants to include on his or her blazon (except in cases that fall into unacceptable or offensive imagery), we do have an interest in making sure that, to the extent we can, the blazons all feel like a natural part of our game world. The best results will be achieved if users attempt to create images in the same style as those made with our blazon generator.

    The image itself:
    • Flat colors are best.
    • Larger shapes will read better from a distance.
    • Avoid subtle color gradations, overly rendered images, or overly stylized imagery that would stand out as inconsistent in our game (e.g., comic book, manga, cartoon, photorealism).
    • Ensure that the content of the image complies with terms regarding Portalarium’s usage of the Heraldry Blazon artwork in Shroud of the Avatar (see the Update Blazon form).
    • Do not submit blazon mockups from the previous College of Arms generator (e.g., the blazon rendered on a shield object). The image by itself is best.
    • Do not include text or numbers, including Runic.

    Image format:
    • Ensure the image is less than 2MB.
    • Use an acceptable image format (png, jpg), however note that the jpg format does not support transparency, so your heraldry submission will be rendered in-game as a rectangular image with its background color.
    • Keep in mind the image will automatically be resized to a 256x256 png file. Smaller images will be centered on a transparent background.
    • A transparent background is ideal.

    It's as important to us as it is to you, Avatars, that heraldry offers everyone the ability to be truly unique, while still being in service to the enrichment of the experience for all.

    You can see examples of blazons that comply with these guidelines here.

    How to Get Your Blazon In-Game
    • Upload or Build your Blazon, and then use this form to Submit In-Game Blazon. This will process your submission.
    • Once processed, the Blazon must be approved by our moderators before it will show up in game. Visit this page to view your Blazon's status.
    • NOTE: The approval process may take up to 10 business days.

    Want to see what your blazon would look like in the game? You can test it out in Offline mode! Here's how:

    1. While in game use the chat command /datafolder to open the correct file directory
    2. Create a new folder named Heraldry (capitalization necessary)
    3. Inside the Heraldry folder, move the image you want to be your offline blazon and rename it Heraldry.png (capitalization necessary, png as well to support transparencies)
    4. Should now be able to use that blazon on next offline login.
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