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Highvale Outskirts: Frostgeist Quest: too early be able to enter the first mystical looking glass!

Discussion in 'Quests, Conversations, & NPC's' started by Paladin Michael, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Paladin Michael

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    09/21/2019 17:49
    Reproduction Rate: 100%
    Blocker? --
    Details / Steps to Reproduce:
    After talking to Esmeralda the first time, she asks for investigating the chapel steeple for her.

    1. at this time she should not provide the keyword "frostgeist".

    2. Climbing up the ladder from the chapel barracks into the chapel steeple, a mystical looking glass can be found. At this time
    nobody should be able to enter the mystical looking glass!
    Unfortunately I could.
    -->It leads to the room with the mystical looking glass collection.
    (I also could use them, what destroyed the whole story process - and the
    intended steps!)

    The room with the 1. mystical looking-glass at the top of the chapel steeple, mustn't provide access until we brought the frostgeist skull to Esmeralda.
    At this point, a first frostgeist should appear (without a frostgeist skull!) to understand why the keyword "frostgeist" appears.

    For information, how the quest should go on:

    Facing the mystical looking glass the first time:
    At this moment a frostgeist could/should appear (of course without a frostgeist skull!),
    so the keyword "frostgeist" can logically be provided.

    Now we can
    3.1 ask Captain Burns about "frostgeist", who tells to talk to Esmeralda about!

    3.2 talk to Esmeralda again.
    Asking about "frostgeist" she tells, what kind of creatures they are.

    Now, asking about "first step" she should tell us to bring her a frostgeist skull (which she uses later for an essence so we may enter the first mystical looking glass!) She tells to go into the monastery's barricaded abandoned buildings to defeat a frostgeist.

    4. So we leave the building, heading west to the barricaded buildings.
    After having a frostgeist skull, we meet with Esmeralda again.

    5. NOW she creates the essence from the Skull. And we can ask about new keywords "step two", where she tells to enter the mystical looking-glass, while throwing the frostgeist essence towards us ...

    6. This leads to the mystical looking glass collection room, from where we can use a few mirrors
    6.1 The first one at the east wall we came in - to teleport back to the steeple

    6.2 The second at the east wall we use to enter the Cabin near Elf camp
    - with the note from Hyla's dad
    - with a ghostly echo infront of the Cabin --> after this the keywords "ghostly echo" is provided with Esmeralda!

    6.3 The third mirrow at the south wall, which leads to the six point ranch (and outside to another ghostly echo)

    7. Step three can be done ...

    That's the really best part of the Highvale Outskirts.
    Having the mirrors (in this case: just the first!) working wrong unfortunately confuses and destroys this storypart :(

    User Specs:
    OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8) System RAM: 32719
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU RAM: 6052
    Area: Novia_R6_Hills04_01
    Area Display Name: Highvale Outskirts
    Loc: (2.3, 194.0, -452.8)
    Debug: Tm92aWFfUjZfSGlsbHMwNF8wMXx8KDIuMzI0LCAxOTQsIC00NTIuNzcpfCgwLCAwLjc5NCwgMCwgLTAuNjA4KXwxNDk1LjE1NHw5LjY3MDE2OHwyLjkzMTYzMg==
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    Thanks for the report! Issue #65750
  3. Bedawyn

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    In my experience, a lot of the problems with Esmeralda's questline can be traced back to players doing things in an organic order rather than the fixed order the quest expects. I initially reported this as a problem with Esmeralda's dialogue (that she says the mirror won't work when it does) and I know I'm not usually a fan of railroading. But in this case, yeah, simply making the mirrors NOT WORK until Esmeralda's "cleared you" for the next step might bypass a lot of other potential problems.