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I know this is going to take some very hard shots, but a BMC Ring?

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by Weins201, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Weins201

    Weins201 Avatar

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    Ok I get it BMC and Laz got together and created a concept for an item. Some back story and came up with a design and some stats they might like. They get it to Port an it is decided to create an special artifact and add it to loot someplace. Now there was no new area created or actual quest it just now appears as loot?

    Ok I can accept this (have no choice) but have to ask why. All I read about is how little staff there is, how little money there is, how little time there is. Yet even if this only took 5 minutes to create, which was all it should have taken since it has the stats of the belt of the Ox and Rings are there was just a color change. But how much developer time was spent talking about it, discussing it, debating it? You have piles and piles of support tickets rotting, bug galore.

    Now I am going to get attacked for bringing it up by people who will say; "it was not a big deal", "it was easy" (I already said making it is child's play), "BMC and Laz do so much for the game", and how many other excuses, I can not think off.

    In the end this was an item created by a team that is stretched beyond almost its ability to even survive.

    This item though looks special is not, it is exactly like the belt of the ox, encumbrance is basically pointless now that I can walk to any bank drop items off then go home and get them. so this is really just pixel crack.

    Are you all now going to open up a channel for other guilds to create, attribute their own item of lore for the game?

    This is really going to sting; but you took a very unique item, Duke Heads and just squashed it then replaced it with a room and heraldry stuff, because it was too hard and you, no longer have the team to be able to complete it.

    Does this make any sense?

    I know this will get flamed to cinder but come one what are we thinking about.
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  2. kaeshiva

    kaeshiva Avatar

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    I don't take issue with the amount of "effort" spent -everyone gets a new artifact, and if they want to base the "flavor text" on a well established guild/group I think that's better than arbitrarily making something up? I mean, we have Pax ring already too.

    I do agree it sets an interesting precedent though. Where's my artifact submission form!
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  3. Lazarus Long

    Lazarus Long Avatar

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    New Britannia
    Well... In short. This was something that was promised over 2 years ago.

    And it took a post from Chris asking us what we wanted on the ring in a PM. So yeah... 2 plus years waiting. 5 mins to put together :)

    Every and ANY guild or person has had that option since day 1.

    You need to be involved in the community.
    Do community service.
    Write and create your own lore.
    Submit your achievements and story.
    Hope that someone thinks it's a good idea.
    Wait....................................................................................................................................................... And hopefully if all goes well.

    A couple years later ... Viola!

    Hope that helps.

    And on that mention The BMC Ring was supposed to make an appearence when the Pax ring came about.... But.... ]
    That cost us 2 years :)


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  4. Duke Ezekiel Cooper

    Duke Ezekiel Cooper Avatar

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    Blackrock Cove (Quel)

    I'm not going to flame you to cinders for your post... It's your right to voice your opinion...
    Please link the post where you went on a similar rant when the Pax Ring came out, (Another "Strong" Supporter of SotA), and I'll answer any questions you have concerning this artifact.
    Have a great day...