I propose to you a "Character & Skill Perk" System

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    Hello Groovy Cats,

    I put forward to you all the following:

    * What it is? The Perk (Skill / Character Augmentation) Proposal

    1. There would be 4 Systems I like to Propose all together.
    a) Every 20 Adventuring Levels players chooses a Character Augmentation (Character Perk) One of Three.
    b) Every 20 Producer Levels player choose a Producer Augmentation (Producer Perk) One of Three.
    c) At skill level 40/80/120/160 players choose a (Adventure Skill Perk) One of Three.
    d) At crafting skill level 35/70/105/140 players choose a (Crafting Skill Perk) One of Three. (for Production ONLY)

    2. Restriction & Rules

    a) Skill Perks can ONLY be taken in Specialized Schools. (For Adventuring Only)
    b) Only one Perk can be taken per each level of advancement thus, a Lv. 160 THRUST would have 4 Perks.
    c) An "Augmentation Stone" must be used when taking any type of Perk.
    * Augmentation Stones would be created on the Enchanting table. (10 Gems of each elemental type for Magic + 100 Coal, 3 Obsidian Ingots +100 Coal for Combat, Strategy & Chaos Schools)
    * Alchemy should be at 120 to create the Highest Level Stones as they would ALL have their own Recipe (NON teachable) & Blueprint which can ONLY be Sold / traded Once then it would Bind to character as to prevent Market gaming.

    3. Implementation

    First step should be to create the Recipes & Blueprints for all the Perks and slowly release them into game so player can begin to find them, low level perks should be easier to find. In this initial step ONLY DPS skills in the Adventuring Side would be Augmentable and Character Adventuring Level.
    So, 26 Skills in Melee +24 Skills in Magic = "50 Skills" would need to get 4 versions of each Recipe & Blueprint resulting in 200 Recipes & 200 Blueprints corresponding to each Tier of Skill.

    The Character Adventuring Level Skills and Blueprints would be much simpler. The breakdown would be Adv. level 20 /40 /60 /80 /100 /120 /140. No need to go further for Now as Nobody to my knowledge is lv. 160 and maybe 2 or 3 players at 140 but correct me if I'm wrong there. So that is 7 Tiers, thus 7 Recipes and 7 Blueprints.
    Augmentation Stone would ALSO need their own Recipes and Blueprints, but this would be simple as there would only be 4 Tiers so 4 Recipes and 4 Blueprints

    At a later time, in a few months the system could be expanded to include Buffs, Passives & Crafting Skills.

    Skill Example:
    To augment up Stone Fist at lv. 40 one would need to be Specialized in Earth and have a. Lv. 40 Stone Fist Augmentation Recipe b. Lv. 40 Stone Fist Augmentation Blueprint c. Lv. 40 Skill Augmentation Stone -- these would be turned into each appropriate "Advanced Trainer" who would than Grant the Avatar the Skill Perk of their choosing from possible 3 options.

    Adventure Level Example:
    To Augment the Avatar at Lv. 20 one would need a. Lv. 20 Adventuring Perk recipe b. Lv. 20 Adventuring Perk blueprint c. Lv. 20 Adventuring Level Augmentation Stone -- these would be turned into "The Oracle" who would than Grant the Avatar the Adventuring Perk of their choosing from possible 3 options.

    Here are some examples of Perks for a few skills:

    (again, you would choose one perk per each level)
    Lv. 40 1) + .5 to Range 2) 80% to strike a 3rd target 3) + 5% Dmg
    Lv. 80 1) + .5 to Range 2) 5% Heal reduction 3. +8% Dmg
    Lv. 120 1) + .5 to Range 2) +10% Poison Effectiveness 3) + 5% Crit Dmg
    Lv. 160 1) + 1 to Range & - 1 Cooldown 2) +15% Poison Effectiveness 3) + 10% Crit Dmg & 5% Crit Chance

    Double Slash
    Lv. 40 1) + .2 to Range 2) 10% chance to apply a Bleed 3) +5% Dmg
    Lv. 80 1) + .3 to Range 2) 10% chance to apply a Bleed 3) +5% Dmg
    Lv.120 1) + .5 to Range 2. 15% chance to apply a Bleed 3. + 5% Crit Dmg
    Lv. 160 1) Attacks 3x 2) 15% chance to apply bleed -1 Cooldown 3 + 10% Crit Dmg & 5% Crit chance

    Stone Arrow
    Lv. 40 1) + 2 Range 2) 80% chance to hit a second target in back of primary 3) +5% Dmg
    Lv. 80 1) +2 Range 2) - 5 Focus Cost 3) +5% Dmg
    Lv. 120 1) +2 Range 2) - 8 Focus Cost 3) + 5% Crit Chance
    Lv. 160 1) +3 Range - 1 cooldown 2) 80% chance to apply Bleed on Crit 3) +5% Dmg + 8% Crit Dmg multiplier

    Here are some Examples of Perks for Adventure Level
    Lv. 20 1) +20 Hp 2) +25 Focus 3) 10% Carrying Capacity
    Lv. 40 1) 15Hp/20 Focus 2) +2 Dmg Resist 3) +5 Magic Resist
    Lv. 60 1) 25Hp/40 Focus 2) + 4 Dmg Resist 3) + 8 Magic Resist
    Lv. 80 1) + 15 Carrying Capacity 2) +10 Dodge 3) +10 Avoid
    Lv. 100 1) + 100 Hp 2) +120 Focus 3) + 5Str/+5 Dex/+5 Int
    Lv. 120 1) + 50 Hp/+10 Dmg Resist 2) +60 Focus/5% Spell Crit 3) +5Str / 5%Melee Crit Dmg

    These are just a few examples of what is possible and obviously these values can be altered to fit in a balanced way. Also for those of you who may feel this may result in OP Builds please ask yourself one question, how many skill do YOU have at 160? Thus, for the greater majority most skills will gain 3 perks and only 1 or perhaps 2 skill will be at 160 as it takes 370 Mil.

    The Pros of The Perk System

    1. Give more meaning to leveling your skills and character.
    2. A level or highly focused character customization.
    3. A much needed boost to the Economy through Recipes & Blueprints.
    4. Finally more uses for Gems and Obsidian Chips also stirring up economy.

    The Cons of The Perk System

    1. Chris & Team will have a Meaningful yet challenging task that may result in some frustration and extra coffee consumption.
    2. Some players who enjoy simplicity may not like this - (I'll work on em)
    3. We may get more people interested in game and the server may need more fine tuning, thus Chris and Team may need more Coffee..

    See you game Folks

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    Crafters Town
    I like it... i just feel combat is again getting all the good stuff while crafting gets the stick...why apply perks for production only ?
    If you have perks for all combat trees shouldnt we have perks for all crafting skills as well ?

    I think this overcomplicates things more then it should. Everyone respecs at one point or another sometimes because their favourite style is nerfed sometimes because they wanna try something new..keeping respec easy to do will save everyone alot of grief and sorrow .


    What happens if i respecc do i lose the augmentation stones ? Do i lose the blueprints used ? Do i get them back ? Maybe we could get back the blueprints and lose the augment stone ?

    Why blueprints sold only once ? Whats wrong with market gaming ? Some people enjoy buying low selling high ... i dont think we should restrict playstyles..otherwise we should start with people stealing stuff from other people ( pickpocketing ) which is much worse ( virtue wise) then someone buying and reselling.

    Or to save the staff alot of work they could just create augment stones as drop in the loot table :

    - Lvl 20 augment stone
    - Lvl 40 augment stone
    - Lvl 60 augment stone
    - Lvl 80 augment stone

    so on...

    When you reach apropiate skill level, for example lvl 20, four options appear you can take 1 augment stone and apply it ( socket ) in one of the 4 available options to activate . No more bluperints , recipes , trainers . Wanna try out another branch unsocket the stone and apply it to another branch to activate said perk... or to keep market going for augment stones ... do not allow unsocket just right click and destroy to have all 4 perks available again . Respec destroys the stones and youll need new ones .

    I like your idea as well but not sure how much time Chris is willing to put into this ..creating recipes and blueprints for all the skills in the game seems like a huge workload ...but if you remove all that and have just 1 lvl 20 augment stone fit all skills ingame that reach lvl 20 seems like a faster , cleaner way to achieve the goals for your idea. And the workload moves into creating the actual perks .

    Going even deeper and to also involve crafters in this ... they could add durability to this stones and have them decay just like any other piece of gear would , just not repairable once it reaches 0 needs to be replaced . Crafters could combine these for a chance to get the stones exceptional ( more durability ) and maybe with a little added bonus .

    - Combine 4 lvl 20 common augment stones to get 1 uncommon lvl 20 with 2 % effect bonus to chosen perk .

    up to rare or epic with 2% increase per lvl and ofcourse the chance to get an exceptional stone . Base alchemy skill could determine the success chance to get an exceptional .


    Another way to go about this would be to just simply give out perk points .

    Option 1

    You reached lvl 20 in a skill you have specialised in you receive 1 perk point ...you can then apply to activate one of the perks you choose ( of the 3-4 available options ).

    Option 2

    You reached lvl 20 in a skill you receive 1 perk point ...you can choose not to apply the point to activate one of the lvl 20 perks and save it for when you reach lvl 40 in a skill apply 2 saved up points ..one will activate the perk the second..third , fourth point can add 2% bonus effect per point applied to a chosen perk . You can choose to save all skill points received but you can only apply 6 max on a perk for an increase of 10% to perk effect .

    I think assigning skill points can work very well with crafting also . For example

    Reaching lvl 100 in blacksmithing can reward you 2 skill points ( at lvl 50 ,100,150). You can choose to apply these points in blacksmithing for a 1 % increase in exceptional chance /point assigned ...or you can save them ... and apply them to masterwork ..increase your success chance by 1% per point assigned .

    After blacksmith skill and masterwork things get more complicated .... to take for example perks for plate armor masterwork could include

    option 1 - 5 health for every piece of plate armor crafted per point assigned
    option 2 - 5% resist for every piece of plate armor crafted per point assigned
    option 3 - 1% weapon damge for every piece of plate armor crafted per point assigned
    option 4 - 5 focus for every piece of plate armor crafted per point assigned.

    The problem i see here is at lvl 150 its pretty much game over for crafters next skill point being at lvl 200 which none will ever get so to keep things interesting and encourage people to lvl their skills a more appropiate balance needs to be found when assiging these skill points at what levels and what the limit should be when assigning them ...just one to activate the perk or no limit if you wanna just focus on one perk.

    It will require an interactive interface for skill trees so im guessing alot of work for Chris . I think giving away skill points for perks when reaching certain level might be the best way to implement this ..as there be no loss when players choose to respec .


    Another option would be skill points + augment stones as loot drops . You reach lvl 20 in a skill you receive one skill point ( perk point ) you can now activate a perk but you will need an augment stone to do so...the perk is activated the stone is gone from inventory . Every skill point you assign consumes ones stone of the appropiate level.
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    But I agree ... with Fzol ... more character and skill customization all around please ...

    Also make the augmentation gems drop in PvP zones (including shardfalls) 8) make them (the gems and zones) valuable ... they are currently desolate places ... not even worth a dam to hunt in them
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    Love the idea!
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    Sorry, dont like it at all.
    It would add even more specialization.
    I want to go back to the classless system which had been promised at the beginning (e.g. no restriction to 2 specs)
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    Brittany Fields
    Perks for gathering could be animal mob aggro range is decreased against you (so you can go chop down those trees without getting jumped by every wolf within 5 miles).