I would like to edit my new POT in the map system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Warrior B'Patrick, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Greetings all. I have a new POT that I am laying out and would like to be able to set POI and area markers for the town that show up on the map when some one pulls up the map when visiting my town. This requires me to be able to log into it in the web based map system and right now it does not show up when I search for it. It is a nested town so there is no icon on the world map for it.

    I have seen post that a new map system is being worked on but how hard is it to add icons for new or updated POTs on the current map system? I know how back logged you currently are on things and foresee that the new mapping system will be a while before it gets any love.

    I love what you all are doing every release but worry that all of you are wearing too many hats and productivity will suffer in the long run.
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    @Warrior B'Patrick

    I have gone round and round on the map issue for months.

    It is something they have not had the help, or expertise to fix for a very, very long time.

    I was told by Chris that it takes 3 dev's to even start looking at the problems, He gave me names of dev's that would need to get involved. One or two replied to my PM's regarding the map with the same basic answer, Current map is just FUBAR and they need to develop a new one. When that would be they had no info to share on that. Also important to remember the current map system was not built by them entirely. Jacob White I believe was the original creator of the Sotamap.

    In February I made a decided to just drop it for my own peace of mind and hope for better days in that department in the future.

    Fast forward 3-4 months and shazamm!

    It was a pleasant surprise to see that they have picked the ball up again and now they are working on a map system of some sort.
    I am pretty sure they know what the issues are and what people like you and me (POT owners) want to be able to do with it by now.

    Lets just hope it is something that will help us manage our towns in ways that improve our ability to share information about them such as you mentioned.

    Being able to have players pull up a map once inside and see all the lot markers, special community areas, crafting centers, gust ball fields various stores, live events going on and landmarks etc. would be awesome!

    Just as important is to have all the towns in the game on the overland map and in their correct locations and biomes. Mine has been no where on the map for over 2 years now.
    It really sucks when trying to steer folks to it that they can't even find it on the map.
    I have stopped trying to build it and am using it more for my personnel enjoyment at this point.

    Are you planning on moving your town to the overland access map in the future?

    I am sure there are features that lot owners and resident off all kinds of towns might like to see on the map as well.… maybe some sort of ability to make notes on a town/vendor they had visited that they could read on their map when ever they pulled it up. But I would think that would be a big project to try and build into the game.

    Maybe Here is hoping that they ask players on the test server or via bug forums for some input before it gets totally designed like they used to in the old days :)

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