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[Info Needed]Audio and video stutter

Discussion in 'Release 43 Dev+ Bug Forum' started by discipleofweb, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Arya Stoneheart

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    This occurred on 6/25/17. I had pretty bad audio and video stutter while in Libris Ruins.

    This carried over to Vauban Pass and then while exploring in Graff Gem mines.
  2. Attenwood

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    We are not experiencing this internally. Perhaps this may be a memory issue, after playing the game for extended period of time?z

    Do you see this issue persist if you reload the game client at these locations?
  3. kells550

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    it may be a memory leak issue, it started with r41, I didnt have it in march or in april prior to 41. it is most definitely an audio stutter which leads to a video stutter (or vice versa)
    with r42 and now r43 it has accelerated the time table upon which it will occur.
    with r41 it took a few hours for the stutter to start.
    now with r43 it will begin with just a couple zone switches, so under 30-45 minutes now.
    it is typically only occurring during combat, and will occur regardless of zone that I have seen thus far (no discrimination).
    if it helps, it is only mainly against humanoids and skeletons. not so much animals.
    this is typically why I dont even play with the audio on any more. there are many others in my guild who do suffer the same as we with this stutter.
    guess I'll go see if I have any drivers out of date, but I wont hold my breath.

    Diaz Dizazter
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