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[Info needed] Enter encounter in Hidden Vale, exit in Novia?

Discussion in 'Release 43 Bug Forum' started by zyxe, Jul 1, 2017.

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  1. zyxe

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    1. Title: Enter encounter in Hidden Vale, exit in Novia?
    2. Reproduction Rate:
    3. Blocker? No
    4. Details: I entered a plains road encounter with the dog and sheep spawn in the Hidden Vale (around loc 153.4, -4.6, 189.4) and when I exited, I was in Novia (loc 94.0, 11.9, 104.5) by the New Brittanian Market. I'll admit to surfing the web while I exited the encounter and waited for the overworld map to load, but I don't think I could have accidentally gotten to Novia that way (plus I was only buying a birthday cake from the add-on store to celebrate a certain upcoming birthday!)...
    5. Steps to Reproduce: I have not been able to reproduce the bug since when I returned to the scene of the crime in the Hidden Vale there was no encounter available at that location.
    6. User Specs: see sig.
  2. Lexie

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    Very strange. I cannot repro it either. Were you on another character on live at any point that day or even in offline mode? That's just a guess on my part as it isn't always happening...
    Please let us know if it happens again.
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