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Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Warius, Jun 17, 2021.

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    Improving inventory management by adding a shortcut (ctrl+click for example) to directly place a selected item (or multiple) from your inventory to a NPC vendor, your bank, a trade window, etc...

    I really think this would be great and a huge gain of time compared to the current click & drag method!
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    The following is a bit OT, yet our options are filling up our possibilities and our ways of teaching button mashing suc;

    When we need something, "we need it" and the suggestion above has merit, yet some such new options with merit need to become linked to a new way of learning them, sort of like our recopies are...
    (anything to increase micro transactions is good, and anything that helps players learn something or find a special something to learn that they need is good as well)

    As our button mashing options widen I find most options as this (specialty button options) clutter our game further into our game requiring something that rivals learning DOS or any of the basic computer languages. Our options I'm always finding too deep, yet I love the idea of having new button mashing options for streamlining functions any of my individual characters may need to ease the pace of their day.

    It's how such learning experiences are delivered I think that matters. Currently and persistently, there are some players who know all the button combos or commands and many who do not, "until they need them". The basic understanding of all current sota's current commands could fill a college elective course's classroom and take as long as a quarter of a semester to master.

    I love the idea proposed here by @Warius ,
    but I will also say that there may come a time when such specialized options could be better served, being sold for 1-5 or 10 coto through our coto shop. The reasons being; is that would give the ability to specialize characters or accounts through purchased options, then made available, yet can be "activated", yet also change the way our game goes about teaching all our game's button mashing options (nothing in our coto shop costs a single coto but such options could). Not every player wants to be a merchant, yet at some stage of a players gaming experience they very well may have that desire, yet when that desire hits them, they don't then need to resort to asking other players or sift through mega doses of soto program release notes, or go on a mini-quest through Google or our forums to search for them.

    There will come a time when ~Time Lord~ will set himself to market vending, and I'd like that market vending to be button mashing friendly, which I think is what our friend @Warius is aiming at.
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