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    Fixed in release 53

    Just after entering the Isle of Storms for the first time, the chat reads "Location of Pierres debout de Arabella marked on compass and map.".
    Proposed: "L'emplacement de Pierres debout de Arabella a été ajouté sur la carte et sur le compas."

    First task in chat reads: "utilisez les touches Z, Q, S et D pour vous déplacer aux alentours."
    This is actually not true, as it depends on the keyboard. It may be true for AZERTY keyboard without any remapping, but I'm using a QWERTZ keyboard, so the keys are W, A, S and D.

    The task panel has the same mistake, but different wording: "Bouger avec les touches Z, Q, S & D"

    The task with title "Bouger avec les touches Z,Q,S & D" has a description in the journal which is in english:

    Proposed task description: "Vous apparaissez dans un lieu nouveau et étrange... Vous ne savez pas comment vous arrivé ici. Vous êtes immatériel(le), mais pouvez toutefois vous déplacer... (Utilisez les touches W, A, S et D pour vous déplacer aux alentours)."

    The name of keys may vary depending on keyboard and configuarion.

    5) The task "Double left click to talk" is not translated in the task panel and in the journal (oddly enough, it appears translated in the chat window).
    Task title: "Double-cliquez pour parler"
    Task desc: "En arrivant dans ce lieu inconnu j'ai tout de suite aperçu une mystérieuse femme qui me faisait signe."

    Some locations on the map do not have a translated mousover description:
    "Mirror" --> Proposed "Miroir"
    "A study of the Dire Prophecies III" --> Proposed "Une étude des Sombres Prophécies III"
    "Lunar rift" --> Proposed "Faille lunaire"

    The filter options on the minimap have not been translated

    The first icon in the top right corner of the screen has a mouseover text of "Selecteur de Fenêtres". Proposed "Sélecteur de Fenêtres" (with e acute).

    Task entry in the journal "Utiliser le miroir magique"
    Task description reads "J'ai parlé avec [...], qui m'a dit que j'étais entré dans [....]."
    Proposed: take gender into account. When it's a female character: "J'ai parlé avec [...], qui m'a dit que j'étais entrée dans [....]."

    Same task entry in the journal "Utiliser le miroir magique"
    The wording "[...] Elle m'a enseigné que je pouvais manifester ma forme en me regardant [...]" feels a bit awkward (translation might be a tad too literal). I would suggest "Elle m'a appris que je pourrais retrouver ma forme matérielle en me regardant [...]"

    Ambiant dialog from Arabella displayed in the chat: "La bonne fortune soit avec vous, Avatar". Proposed "Que la bonne fortune soit avec vous, Avatar"

    After talking with Arabella, the chat reads "Remonter le chemin vers l'est semble prometteur".
    But the path leads down, not up. Literally that would be better: "Descendez le chemin vers l'est semble prometteur". Maybe something like "Il semble judicieux de suivre le chemin vers l'est" would fit better.
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    Discussion with Arabella, topic "faille lunaire"
    Text reads: "[...] menace l'humanité tout entière [...].
    Proposed: "[...] menace l'humanité toute entière [...].

    Discussion with Arabella, topic "miroir"
    The text reads "Le miroir qui nous attend est un artefact de puissance magique capable de [...]" feels a bit awkward.
    Proposed: "Le miroir qui vous attend en contrebas est un puissant artefact magique capable de [...]

    Words appearing in middle of the screen and in the chat while moving down the path: "Le miroir est sur votre gauche juste devant, à la bifurcation du chemin".
    Proposed: "Le miroir est sur votre gauche à la bifurcation". The words "sur votre gauche" and "juste devant" are a bit misleading.

    Task "Prendre et lire le livre"
    Mouseover on the task panel is in english and reads "Pick up the book on the lectern by dragging it on to yourself, type "I" to open your inventory, then double click on the book to read it."
    Proposed: "Prenez le livre sur l'autel en le glissant sur votre personnage, appuyez sur "I" pour ouvrir votre inventaire puis double-cliquez sur le livre pour le lire."

    Same task "Prendre et lire le livre"
    Journal description is in english "I found a book on a podium, seemingly left for me. I should read it."
    Proposed: "Il y a un livre sur un podium qui m'est apparemment destiné. Je devrais le lire."

    Task "Press and release the spacebar to JUMP!" on the lefthand task panel is not translated.
    For some reason though the chat window displays the same text but correlctly translated: "Appuyez et relâchez la barre d'espace pour SAUTER!".
    This translation should be applied to both the task panel and the mouseover on the task panel

    Task "Press and release the spacebar to JUMP!" mentioned above: its description in the journal is much longer and also not translated.
    Proposed: "Appuyez et relâchez la barre d'espace pour SAUTER! Votre personnage sautera un peu plus haut si vous maintenez la barre d'espace enfoncée quelques secondes."

    Sometimes while moving around the minimap slightly fades and in its center is displayed "loading...".
    Proposed: "Chargement..."

    The book on the altar "Manuel du Nouveau Joueur" is not translated at all (25 pages)

    Inventory screen, one of the filter option reads "Masquer les objets de la quête". Proposed "Masquer les objets de quête".
    Also the other option reads "cacher les outils équipés". For the sake of simplicity and to avoid confusion, I suggest using the same verb for both options, either "cacher" or "masquer".
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    After taking the book, the next hint in the chat and in the middle of the screen reads "L'Oracle esr en bas de ce chemin".
    But the Oracle is further ahead UP the path, not down. Proposed: "L'Oracle se trouve un peu plus loin le long du chemin."

    Task "Entrer dans le bâtiment"
    The tooltip reads "Double-click the door to open it and enter."
    Proposed: "Double-cliquez sur la porte pour l'ouvrir puis entrez."

    25) Same task "Entrer dans le bâtiment"
    The translation feels odd: "J'ai trouvé un bâtiment je présume, que c'est là où Arabella m'a envoyé."
    Proposed (taking some initiaitve, not a strict literal translation): "J'ai aaperçu un bâtiment un peu plus loin. Je présume que c'est là où Arabella souhaite que je me rende."

    26) Task "Parler avec l'Oracle"
    The tooltip reads "Double-click the Oracle to speak to her."
    Proposed: "Double-cliquez sur l'Oracle pour lui parler."

    27) Same task "Parler avec l'Oracle"
    It's in english: "I have found the Oracle. She... is that a she? Is it a machine? It is speaking to me..."
    Proposed: "J'ai trouvé l'Oracle. Elle... mais est-ce bien approprié de dire "elle"? S'agirait-il d'une machine? Elle s'adresse à moi..."

    The book on the left shelf by the Oracle, "La Prophétie de Dirae" is not translated.

    Not proposing a translation yet as I'm new to the game and require more insight to have a proper translation. The expression "the one" has no direct translation in French and I will probably need to play the game a bit more to understand what/who this refers to and find an appropriate translation. Also I'm confused that it starts with "the one who shall bind" (1 being/entity) and the lines below "they shall bind" (several beings/entities).
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    Conversation with the Oracle. introduction text when first meeting her
    Text: "Dites-moi lorsque vous serez prêt pour l'analyse"
    Proposed (adapt to avatar gender if female): "Dites-moi lorsque vous serez prête pour l'analyse"

    Task "Répondre à l'Oracle" has english tooltip: "Speak with the Oracle to discover what to do next."
    Proposed: "Parler à l'Oracle afin de savoir ce que vous devez faire"

    Task "Répondre à l'Oracle" has an english journal description.
    Proposed: "J'ai rencontré l'Oracle qui semble être un appareil mécanique. Mais un appareil doté d'intelligence."

    Conversation with the Oracle, when being given the result after the 3 questions and answering love/love/courage, the text reads:
    "[...] vous avez choisi la voie de l'Amour. [....] Une fois que vous aurez franchi la faille en tant que mage [...]"

    It seems to me it doesn't fit. Path of Love is apparently (according to equipment and tutorial in Solace Bridge) the path for rangers/bow, not the path for mages. Maybe parts of the translation got mixed up?

    Also one of the texts reads "Si, à la place, vous pensez que vous devriez étudier la magie ou [....]".
    Clicking on the keyword "magie" actually starts the conversion for "guerrier" (warrior) which leads to even more confusion. Very confusing and misleading for the first important dialog in the game that determines which will be the initial areas in the game...

    OK I guess that's it for the Isle of Storms.
    Maybe just another remark: several icons on the top right of the screen (new player guide, how to submit bugs, list of add-ons...) open the broser on web pages which are entirely in english.
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    Oh by the way I just realized...

    My number 6) above mentions a book named (in english) "A study of the Dire Prophecies III".
    But in fact it has nothing to do with dire prophecies. The book is the new players guide...

    Not sure this one is a translation issue... it doesn't seem like it's translated at all. Unless the current translation is (wrongly) another english book title...
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    The automaton AAA-10101 when returning to the Isle of Storms through a lunar rift has the title "Mysteriously Placed Tour Guide".
    Proposed: "Représentant du Grand Tour étrangement placé"
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