Knightmare Falls Fishing Competition 12-11-2020 through 12-18-2020

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    We are super excited to have you all this coming week!!!
    We are also having a Gift Exchange during and after the fishing competition. Check out the Knightmare Falls Forum page for details.

    Knightmare Falls Fishing Competition starting December 11, 2020.
    1,000,000 in prizes through out the week. Additional Christmas event also happening during the week - further details will be posted.
    1. Must be caught in Knightmare Falls during the week of the competition. Daily must be caught that day (24 days in shroud)
    2. Fish must be placed in boxes to qualify - have Knightmare Falls as town caught, and correct time and date.
    3. End of week competitions limited to two prizes per person for all end of week prizes.
    4. Daily competition does not have per person limit. two prizes awarded daily.
    • Daily Smallest Fish - 10,000 prize
    • Daily Largest Fish - 10,000 prize
    • Weekly Largest Fish - 100,000 prize
    • Weekly Smallest Fish - 100,000 prize
    • Weekly Largest type of fish - 50,000 prize
    • Weekly Smallest type of fish - 50,000 prize
    • additional participation prizes awarded just for playing.
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    Awesome! I'll get this linked on this week's update! :) Thanks Tellana :)
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