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[Known] Launcher deletes "future" patch files when cleaning up "old" files

Discussion in 'User Interface (Including Launcher)' started by Elwyn, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Title: Launcher deletes "future" patch files when cleaning up "old" files

    I have seen this with the Windows version of the Launcher, but it's probably in all of them.

    Ever since the cleaning up of older patch files was added to the launcher a few releases ago, if you throw a bunch of old patch files into the Downloads directory to let a second machine update without waiting for a torrent, it will sometimes delete patch files before they can be applied.

    How to reproduce? Something like this:

    - on the first computer, dutifully copy the patch files to another computer as you get upgrades (you have to keep up with this because the Launcher now cleans up older patch files!)
    - on another computer that hasn't been updated in a few days, copy them into the Downloads folder
    - start the Launcher on the second computer, it will find the first patch and apply it
    (note that this depends on the behavior of bit torrent to scan an existing file to resume downloads)
    - you probably need at least 3 or 4 patch files for this to happen
    - at some point it will delete a patch file before it gets applied, and start a torrent session for it

    What just happened to me:

    In this case, my second computer was on 709, and I copied the 710 711 and 713 patches to it.

    After running the launcher, it saw the need to update the launcher, then it (apparently) deleted the 710 patch and started a torrent for it. The 711 and 713 patches were not deleted. The interesting thing was it apparently did the cleanup after updating the launcher from the patch, then deleted the patch file before applying the game patch.

    So I stopped the Launcher, copied 710 again, and the Launcher properly went all the way to 713. I see that 710 was deleted again, so it must be a "delete all but last 2 versions" rule.

    Basically, the Launcher does not check to see if a patch has been applied yet before deleting it.
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    Bug #: 54270, thank you
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