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[Known] Spiders Encounter Dungeon Room Broken

Discussion in 'Player Made Dungeons' started by Duke Ezekiel Cooper, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Duke Ezekiel Cooper

    Duke Ezekiel Cooper Avatar

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    Blackrock Cove (Quel)
    Once the room is placed, and you exit the dungeon. The room reverts to connection 1, and all subsequent rooms connected disappear, which then forces the player to clear the dungeon to their bank box and start over with build.
  2. Fruck

    Fruck Avatar

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    Also in the spider room without any other pieces you cannot get up from the lower level. You get stuck in it.
  3. Serafina

    Serafina Portalarian

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  4. Aartemis

    Aartemis Avatar

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    I just spoke with Chris on this yesterday. The Spider dungeon reverts back to Connection #1 when you leave the dungeon. As a work-around, if you keep the initial connection to #1 it should not rotate. I know for sure connection #5 (Right upper door) and the Lower left door (With Steps) will both revert to Connection #1 after you leave. AND if the room does not fit in that direction, it will be Orphaned which is a REAL pain to reconnect without wiping.

    It would be awesome in Dungeon Build Mode if the wall clipping could be turned off so we can see outside the walls for connections.

    Also in the Spider Room, if you are on the bottom floor, you can jump up the rocks to get to level and 2 and back out. Not elegant, but it works.