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Discussion in 'Skills and Combat' started by thesometimeslurker, Jul 1, 2018.

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    With the addition of the Obsidian Boar and the Ancient Obsidian Bear to the list of tameable beasts, I wanted to come up with something that would also be a great incentive for players to keep leveling their skills passed 140. Of course, unlike the Taming Tree, not every skill affects each other in some way, so I tried it with Death, a skill tree I've become extremely familiar with. I only did the passives because this is a very rough idea, and I'm trying to use these new incentives to link with the other skills.

    Undead Mastery: Upon reaching level 101, you have a chance of spawning an additional low level Zombie. The higher the GM level, the higher the chance the zombie spawns. At 140, 2 zombies have a chance of spawning. And at 180, 3 zombies. At level 200. if there is enough space, a high level zombie wyvern spawns instead. Otherwise, the zombies spawn automatically. Their health and decay is affected by Mummified Undead and the summon skills used.

    Mummified Undead: At level 101, having an Undead pet active grants you a bonus to your Damage Resistance. The higher the passive and the summoning skill, the higher the bonus. At level 140, your active Undead now places a protection buff effect on you, intercepting some of the damage you take. At level 180, your pet gains a boost to it's Damage Resistance. At level 200, if you would take a lethal blow, your active Undead will take it instead, destroying it and restoring your health by how much it had originally.

    Death Mastery: Starting at level 101, your drain spells have a chance to inflict a curse upon their target. This curse allows all allies attacking that target to lifesteal. The higher level the passive and drain skill is, the higher the chance to inflict the curse and the more your allies lifesteal. At level 140, if you have a pet active, it now has a chance to inflict the lifesteal. Additionally, your drains have a chance to transfer inflicted debuffs on yourself to your target. At level 180, your drains now have a chance to restore your Focus, this transfers to your pet as well (if applicable). At level 200, allies who attack your cursed target also regain Focus. (These effects do not stack, only the highest is applied).

    Final Thoughts: For each of the passives, I tried to make a sort of niche that each would fill, while also being able to integrate with each other while also being incredibly useful to a player. What do you guys think?
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