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Looking for a little Feedback from You for taming . . . . Forward thinking for focus testing

Discussion in 'Release 62 QA Feedback' started by Weins201, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Weins201

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    I know you are not really looking at things other than Playability and Server / Connection issues but before we get rolling on Taming updates can I aks for how the focus reduction is calculated

    Pet factor
    i.e I am looking at a Darkstarr Corpion I assume one of the highest Focus Penalties, I also have 100 Concentration (50% reduction)

    Now I have 665 Focus with normal play and with the Corp Out I am left with 395 focus this equates to a reduction of 41% loss.

    Since I have no idea what other factors are at work I cannot test anything out to see if skills are working or no.

    I can handle a complex formula and will happily turn it into a Excel Sheet that I can change factors to test out skills, pets, . . . .

    So what I need is the Data Raw for what each pet Is (DS Corp = 65% Penalty)
    Skill of Concentration = 50% saved, where in the formula does it play in.
    Are there other factors taken into account
    Combt training does that increase the pets power and therefore affect Focus Reduction
    TameCreature - if you hve higher tame does it lower the foci lost from the pet in general?
    Specialization - how does that help?

    I think it looks like this

    Focus of player * (% penalty for Pet - (% penalty for pet * % saved from Concentration) + - Some Specialization factor = focus lost?
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  2. Pawz

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    Has there been any change to taming in 62?
  3. Brass Knuckles

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    Not yet, Chris said he been playing with rebalancing no one knows what that means.