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Loosing items and crafting percentages screwed up

Discussion in 'Items & Inventory' started by Scoots, Aug 17, 2018.


When are things going to be repaired that are already ingame instead of adding new garbage into it.

  1. Wanting change to code that is already in place

  2. wanting new items to be messed up

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  1. Scoots

    Scoots Avatar

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    I have been trying to find ways to repair an Item that I paid good gold fore. My Sage's Sash durability was and now I say WAS down to 7/50 and was unable to repair the item, until I realized I was able to place it in the crafting tables and use a COTO to repair it. or so I thought/ I placed the item there along with a Bronze COTO and Poof they were gone and 2 ancient essence's took it's place.

    Also why is it I am able to do things such as skinning with an almost broken item and still be able to skin an animal at 91%. Was someone wearing there smart coders hat when they did this one. If an item is almost broken you should only be getting a 2 maybe 5 % chance to do what you are wanting to do. The more broken the item the less the chance to complete the deed now how hard is that one.

    No I did NOT hit the salvage button as I was making sure I did not do that. Now I am out a Sage's Sash and a Bronze COTO along with the time I took and just over 20,000 gold to find the item.

    WTF is going on with the repair item situation
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  2. Elrond

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    Crafters Town
    As far as i know artifacts can be repaired using 1 ancient essence just by drag and drop the essence over the artifact ..it will add 20 durability to it ...also make sure the artifact is not locked in your inventory.
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  3. Scoots

    Scoots Avatar

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    This would have been a really good thing to know, oh in maybe a how to or even a txt document BEFORE things are just left to the persons demise. Maybe even a popup saying what needed to be done such as in a thing called a tooltip. BEFORE people loose artifacts they have worked hard to get. Oh and by the way what makes something an artifact or not, If it is such an artifact maybe it would be nice to let it be know what is an artifact and what is a piece of junk that someone in game just decided he wanted to make another player pay to much for in game.

    This would be a thing called prudent programming. Things oh I don't know that are thought of when making the game in the first place.