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Loot Window in a party missing items w/ auto-roll 1 - thoughts

Discussion in 'Release 69 Feedback Forum' started by Echondas, Sep 9, 2019.

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    I got really confused this weekend while in a party, and looting monsters - hardly any items were showing up in the "loot window" with the new auto-roll changes except for gold and maybe some arrows.

    I figured out after talking to the party leader and watching the chat log more closely: when pressing E to loot a corpse, or double clicking it -- ALL the other items are immediately distributed into the auto-roll system and you can't see what was on the corpse, easily - unless you scroll the chat log.

    It would be nice to still be able to see what stuff was on a corpse, or what items dropped while in a party - more easily.

    Or -- better yet -- now that this system is in place -- perhaps remove the loot "window" altogether and just have pressing "E" or double-clicking a corpse perform the same function as now, but the leftover items like gold and arrows go to the auto-roll system, etc? Sort of like auto-loot, but still requiring player interaction w/ the corpse.