Lys Market, Vendor Lots Are Open

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    Hail Avatars!

    Lys Market is a new POT that was just released on Mistrendur! Bjorn Dyonisys and I are the happy owners and plan on making it the go to location for buying and trading in episode 2.

    With the collaboration of our guildmates, the lots are already up and ready to welcome your row deeds and vendors. The only things we're asking is to keep your vendors refreshed and to deco your lot with a non default house or with an empty row.

    Decoration of Lys Market is still ongoing but everything needed is already up to build a thriving community. We have a couple of features to make it easier for future customers and will work with everyone to help create an awesome community. When ready we'll launch the Grand Opening with a major event to celebrate :)

    With the collaboration of Novia Market, we plan on making regular events in bringing the town to life. If you plan on being part of this adventure, join the Town discord via the link below and fill up the application via the welcome channel (or just PM me or Bjorn Dyonisys). This will make it easier for us to get back to you.

    To join our discord and apply :

    Everyone is welcome to join discord. We'll keep you updated on Town events and give access to trade channels.

    Terrence Phillip and Bjorn Dyonisys
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    Town is growing fast :) lots of vendors set up and our first event just end!!

    Stay tuned i am setting up a new event who will soon launch !!!
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