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    Game Play Suggestions:
    · Town Suggestion Board:
    Bulletin Board: Heroes: post Houses for Sale, Guilds to join, Anything. 100 Characters or less.
    Players have been Placing Books on the Player vendors to give out NEWS!
    · The town Crier could reply to "News" and display the next player run event

    · Guild Centered Items: Quick Travel to “GuildHouse”/ GuildStone for all members. Guild only Chests.

    · Speed up Over-World Map Loading. Option in Menu to leave in Cache the OverWorld Map. Remember which Over-World Zone you're presently in, and leave it in memory. Maybe high end PC Users have a 9/Gigs of RAM. Can handle a 2D map in memory for quick 0-100% Loading!

    · Player Owned Towns Able to make NPC's and submit Quest creations. Simple quests with small rewards for visiting their town. "One time 200 Gold reward for finding the pub"
    · Player Owned Towns getting their own "Specialty" Beer or Food. "Owl's Head Goulash, Port Phoenix Special Dish.!" Encourages visiting everywhere.

    Cosmetic Suggestions

    · Menu Option to make Helmet Invisible, but functional in Battle. See your Avatar's face more.

    · Remove the Door to the Capital Bank! Door has to be opened, use the bank, door closes behind again. Solutions: Delete door, make city doors not auto-close.

    · Make the “Zoning Timer” faster. The loading screen takes enough time.

    · Rant! Know you’ve seen the Witcher 1 and 2. Where you have to travel everywhere by foot, And you think that’s ‘so cool.’ News Flash: Witcher 3 has Fast travel. Making Shroud faster is ‘cool’ /Rant Off!

    · Greater Light Spell: Double the Distance
    During a player event Lord British himself agreed with this, “Aye, The game is Too dark!”

    · Night Vision greater range: Night Vision should have Double Range!

    · Chandelier {Addon?]: Light on ceiling of your house. Which is actually very bright. Makes the room “Daytime” no shadows required. There is nothing we can attach to the Ceiling yet!

    Problem: Lights take [RAM-Style] “Memory” to render every line and shadow.
    Solution: Make a Simple light that doesn’t render these complex shadows!

    · Ability to do things while sitting. Any time sitting and click a chest, the character will get up. Its a role-playing thing.

    · Click vendors from father away Don't have to walk all the way up to houses to see what's in vendors. Empty vendors should register as "(E)" to save players unnecessary clicking. Ability to name and customize vendors.

    Will add any Suggestions and Criticisms to this Mega Thread. Thumbs up any ideas you want to see in Shroud.
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