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Mail overwhelms regular sellers

Discussion in 'User Interface (Including Launcher)' started by Vladamir Begemot, Dec 1, 2017.

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    1. Title:Mail overwhelms regular sellers
    2. Reproduction Rate: To many many of them
    3. Blocker? No
    4. Details:
    I think @Lord British just said to report this on Discord, which I wouldn't normally because it seems intended. I think it may already be in the system though.

    Merchants who get a lot of sales cave under the pressure of recording, or just deleting (I've seen ergonomics mentioned more than once on the forum in this case,) and are then unable to receive mail anymore.

    I've had a good number of players tell me they can't receive mail.

    Until the mail redesign you should consider allowing them to receive mail even if they have more than 100 items.
    1. Steps to Reproduce:
    Get regular sales until you get more than 100, which could be a few days or less for some people. Now go delete those 100 items, 4 clicks per item. Feel the pain.
    1. User Specs:
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